Cascade Casablanca Cowl

I’ve been wanting to get some more of this yarn ever since I got a sample a couple months ago.  The wool/silk/mohair blend feels lovely on my neck.  I’m not much of a cowl person, but sometimes I need just a little something on my neck.  Usually, I have about ten feet of scarf wrapped around it.  This pattern does not have a wrong side and it’s just long enough to look good under your coat.  I’m also thinking about making a hat.


One skein Cascade Casablanca, 220 yds, 100 g, color 8.  Size 8 needles.  Waste yarn.

Provisionally cast on 36 stitches. 

  1. Knit 36.
  2. Knit1, purl 34, knit1.
  3. K1, {K 2 tog 3x, (yo, K1) 5x, yo, ssk 3x}repeat, k 1. 
  4. K1, p34, k1.
  5. K1, p34, k1.
  6. Knit.
  7. K1, p34, k1.
  8. Knit.

Repeat these eight rows until you have about a yard left.  Purists will want to end with row 8.  Kitchener stitch first row to last row.  Weave in the ends.


 I realize that these are not the best instructions, but I wanted to get them down before I forgot.  I know I’ll be making it again.

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