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Hot and Humid…..and Feeling Old

May 31, 2011

It was almost 80 when we got up.  Barf.  I stumbled around and dressed while Sweetums made coffee.  I drank half a cup before we left for our walk.  You know, I will never understand why my children don’t drink coffee.  It amazes me that they can function in the morning without it.  It’s not that they don’t have jobs.  It must be nice. 

 Where was I?  Gus, as usual, was ready to go.  I could whisper,”walk” at 3AM when he is sound asleep and that dog would be up and out the door in a flash.   He spent a good deal of time in the river up to his belly, walking around and drinking the water.  I should get a longer leash for the summer so he can go out further. 

I felt like dying or sleeping, when I got back.   Pain woke me up twice during the night.  My other  hip was bothering me and my knees, as usual.  What did I do yesterday?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  OK.  Enough whining.

My new phone will not fit in my little carriers.  It’s too skinny and too long.  I need to make new ones.   They’re fun to make, although, digging through my fabric stash can be downright scary.    

I have to finish this first.  I haven’t gotten much work done on it due to the nice weather.  Now, it’s too hot out and it’s really coming together.  The cutter has been a big help.  I always feel good when I complete a project. 


 Here’s Cora, holding down the dining room table.

The Network was so Slow……

May 28, 2011

It was making me crazy.  It was worse than dial up.  Sometimes this happens.  But not for a day.  Sweetums went around checking connections and unplugging and replugging because “THEY” always tell you to do that first.  So we finally had to give up and call.  Of course, they had to ask more dumb questions.  And, finally, we are up and running again.  I had important stuff to do yesterday, like pay bills and order crap.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood to blog after that.  And, well, it was nice outside.







I finished the Scrolls Socks on Tuesday.  The wrong side looks as good as the right side.

Here’s my first from Rocking Sock Club.  They are a lot of fun to knit, but too thick to wear any time soon.  I hadn’t made this type of heel for a while.  It was a little slow at first.  My third kit should be coming any day now, so I should get back to it.

Spam on One of my Patterns

May 22, 2011

I was getting over 100 dirty comments a day on my entrelac scarf pattern.  I was able to find out how it happened, but I couldn’t stop it.   I had to permanently delete the comment so it shouldn’t happen again.  I also had to remove the pattern.  If anyone would like to have it, email me at and I will send it out to you. 

My son was here on Wednesday and Thursday.  We needed new phones.  His was falling apart and mine had keys that were getting stuck.  He thought about a smart phone, but decided that is was more of a toy than anything.  We bought an LG for one dollar.  The last LGs lasted for five years so it seemed a good deal.  He also needed new tennis shoes so we went to the outlets.  He didn’t find anything.  I walked over to Fossil and found a new handbag.  I hate that place.


And, of course, I couldn’t pass this up.

It’s been a little too warm to work on my sweater.  I did manage to make pockets.  I am not certain that I like them yet.  Maybe if I let them lay around for a few days they will look better.

They’re a little weird.  Hopefully, they will look better on.

I Cleaned My Worktable!

May 21, 2011

It was so easy.  It didn’t take any time at all.  I just spilled coffee on everything.  And the best part is….. I found the password that I have been searching for everywhere. 

And what else?

I’ve been enjoying Spring.

And so have the kids.

Last Saturday at Sheep & Wool

May 14, 2011

I got there shortly after 8AM and got a good parking spot right up front.  Since I had two cups of coffee, I hit the big restroom first.  I REALLY don’t like portable potties.  It’s probably due to all those years of antique marketing. 

I wanted “special” buttons for my sweater so I stopped here.   I didn’t remember whether I needed four or five buttons, so I bought seven.  That makes sense. Right?

My son’s cat, Biscuit, helped with this arrangement.  I believe in giving credit where ever it is due.

I looked around a bit, but I was drawn to Creatively Dyed Yarns.  These people have the funnest(?) colors.   Sorry.  I can’t think of a better word.  It just fits.  I knew I would be buying something there, but I wanted to savor the anticipation for a while.  So I looked at everything else in that area. 


 And this is only the outside!  And what did I buy?  Well, I was thinking sock yarn.  Which is stupid.  I made 13 pairs last year and have at least ten planned for this year.  I need sock yarn like a hole in the head.  Wait a minute.  They have semi-solids.  I actually found a nice caramel brown that goes with my Queen of  Hearts yarn.   Perfect!

What else?  So many were calling to me.  But one was definitely louder than the rest.  But it was lace weight.  Oh well.  One skein was enough for a good-sized shawl. 

Is this colorway me?  What can I do?  It says it is.  Time to dust off the shawl books.

By 10AM, this is how the crowds looked.

Can you see my car from here?  I very glad I’m not up that hill.

I tried a new soap dealer.  I hope I like them.  I miss the old one, but they are completely gone.  Sniff.

By noon, I was tired so I had lunch.  A chocolate waffle cone.  What else?

My friend, Diana, bought some lovely roving that I am certain will knit up beautifully.

Girls Day Out

May 13, 2011

I hope I don’t get beaten up for this, but here’s some pictures from last Friday.

Classes with Charlene Schurch

May 11, 2011

She is a fun teacher.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself on both days.  In keeping with my usual idiocy, I forgot to take a picture of her.  I have pictures of my projects and during my lunchtime walk around the fairgrounds.  It seemed a bit surreal.  It was so quiet.  There were no crowds.

I decided to make the hat bigger.   NO ONE in my family has a head that small.  Here is the finished product with a pair of my fun glasses. 

We made some heel flaps.  I liked all three shown here and plan on putting them in future socks.  I still have at least six more pair planned so far this year.

And here’s my little sock.   Biscuit liked it.  She thought it was a new cat toy.  I finished this late at night and forgot about creating a line.

Almost Time for Maryland Sheep and Wool

May 3, 2011

I’m taking Komi knitting patterns class on Thursday and fancy heels on Friday morning.  I have found suitable yarn and needles for my classes without having to buy anything.  I have very few needles in the sizes indicated, but what I found will do.  Most of my needles are smaller(for socks and gloves) or bigger(for sweaters). The same goes for my yarn— a lot of fine and heavy with little in between.  Also, finding white or beige was impossible.  Yellow will have to do.  I’m just not a white or beige person.

Here’s the blue sock.  Not bad for two days.  I’m almost to the hell.  I’ll have to play around with it a bit since there are an odd number of repeats.  The swirls can get confusing.  Next, it’s on to Sock That Rock kits or maybe not.  I need more cotton socks for summer.

I finally remembered to reply to the comment I received on Rue last week.  Have a look.  I really liked it.

Like Father, like son. 

Out all night AGAIN!  No wonder she can’t keep her eyes open.  She has only spent the night inside twice in the last ten.