Last Saturday at Sheep & Wool

I got there shortly after 8AM and got a good parking spot right up front.  Since I had two cups of coffee, I hit the big restroom first.  I REALLY don’t like portable potties.  It’s probably due to all those years of antique marketing. 

I wanted “special” buttons for my sweater so I stopped here.   I didn’t remember whether I needed four or five buttons, so I bought seven.  That makes sense. Right?

My son’s cat, Biscuit, helped with this arrangement.  I believe in giving credit where ever it is due.

I looked around a bit, but I was drawn to Creatively Dyed Yarns.  These people have the funnest(?) colors.   Sorry.  I can’t think of a better word.  It just fits.  I knew I would be buying something there, but I wanted to savor the anticipation for a while.  So I looked at everything else in that area. 


 And this is only the outside!  And what did I buy?  Well, I was thinking sock yarn.  Which is stupid.  I made 13 pairs last year and have at least ten planned for this year.  I need sock yarn like a hole in the head.  Wait a minute.  They have semi-solids.  I actually found a nice caramel brown that goes with my Queen of  Hearts yarn.   Perfect!

What else?  So many were calling to me.  But one was definitely louder than the rest.  But it was lace weight.  Oh well.  One skein was enough for a good-sized shawl. 

Is this colorway me?  What can I do?  It says it is.  Time to dust off the shawl books.

By 10AM, this is how the crowds looked.

Can you see my car from here?  I very glad I’m not up that hill.

I tried a new soap dealer.  I hope I like them.  I miss the old one, but they are completely gone.  Sniff.

By noon, I was tired so I had lunch.  A chocolate waffle cone.  What else?

My friend, Diana, bought some lovely roving that I am certain will knit up beautifully.

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