Classes with Charlene Schurch

She is a fun teacher.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself on both days.  In keeping with my usual idiocy, I forgot to take a picture of her.  I have pictures of my projects and during my lunchtime walk around the fairgrounds.  It seemed a bit surreal.  It was so quiet.  There were no crowds.

I decided to make the hat bigger.   NO ONE in my family has a head that small.  Here is the finished product with a pair of my fun glasses. 

We made some heel flaps.  I liked all three shown here and plan on putting them in future socks.  I still have at least six more pair planned so far this year.

And here’s my little sock.   Biscuit liked it.  She thought it was a new cat toy.  I finished this late at night and forgot about creating a line.

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