Almost Time for Maryland Sheep and Wool

I’m taking Komi knitting patterns class on Thursday and fancy heels on Friday morning.  I have found suitable yarn and needles for my classes without having to buy anything.  I have very few needles in the sizes indicated, but what I found will do.  Most of my needles are smaller(for socks and gloves) or bigger(for sweaters). The same goes for my yarn— a lot of fine and heavy with little in between.  Also, finding white or beige was impossible.  Yellow will have to do.  I’m just not a white or beige person.

Here’s the blue sock.  Not bad for two days.  I’m almost to the hell.  I’ll have to play around with it a bit since there are an odd number of repeats.  The swirls can get confusing.  Next, it’s on to Sock That Rock kits or maybe not.  I need more cotton socks for summer.

I finally remembered to reply to the comment I received on Rue last week.  Have a look.  I really liked it.

Like Father, like son. 

Out all night AGAIN!  No wonder she can’t keep her eyes open.  She has only spent the night inside twice in the last ten.

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