Spam on One of my Patterns

I was getting over 100 dirty comments a day on my entrelac scarf pattern.  I was able to find out how it happened, but I couldn’t stop it.   I had to permanently delete the comment so it shouldn’t happen again.  I also had to remove the pattern.  If anyone would like to have it, email me at and I will send it out to you. 

My son was here on Wednesday and Thursday.  We needed new phones.  His was falling apart and mine had keys that were getting stuck.  He thought about a smart phone, but decided that is was more of a toy than anything.  We bought an LG for one dollar.  The last LGs lasted for five years so it seemed a good deal.  He also needed new tennis shoes so we went to the outlets.  He didn’t find anything.  I walked over to Fossil and found a new handbag.  I hate that place.


And, of course, I couldn’t pass this up.

It’s been a little too warm to work on my sweater.  I did manage to make pockets.  I am not certain that I like them yet.  Maybe if I let them lay around for a few days they will look better.

They’re a little weird.  Hopefully, they will look better on.

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  1. Betty Says:

    Love your new pocketbook and little bag!!! Your pockets remind me of the tumbling blocks quilt pattern. Very cute.

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