The Network was so Slow……

It was making me crazy.  It was worse than dial up.  Sometimes this happens.  But not for a day.  Sweetums went around checking connections and unplugging and replugging because “THEY” always tell you to do that first.  So we finally had to give up and call.  Of course, they had to ask more dumb questions.  And, finally, we are up and running again.  I had important stuff to do yesterday, like pay bills and order crap.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood to blog after that.  And, well, it was nice outside.







I finished the Scrolls Socks on Tuesday.  The wrong side looks as good as the right side.

Here’s my first from Rocking Sock Club.  They are a lot of fun to knit, but too thick to wear any time soon.  I hadn’t made this type of heel for a while.  It was a little slow at first.  My third kit should be coming any day now, so I should get back to it.


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