Hot and Humid…..and Feeling Old

It was almost 80 when we got up.  Barf.  I stumbled around and dressed while Sweetums made coffee.  I drank half a cup before we left for our walk.  You know, I will never understand why my children don’t drink coffee.  It amazes me that they can function in the morning without it.  It’s not that they don’t have jobs.  It must be nice. 

 Where was I?  Gus, as usual, was ready to go.  I could whisper,”walk” at 3AM when he is sound asleep and that dog would be up and out the door in a flash.   He spent a good deal of time in the river up to his belly, walking around and drinking the water.  I should get a longer leash for the summer so he can go out further. 

I felt like dying or sleeping, when I got back.   Pain woke me up twice during the night.  My other  hip was bothering me and my knees, as usual.  What did I do yesterday?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  OK.  Enough whining.

My new phone will not fit in my little carriers.  It’s too skinny and too long.  I need to make new ones.   They’re fun to make, although, digging through my fabric stash can be downright scary.    

I have to finish this first.  I haven’t gotten much work done on it due to the nice weather.  Now, it’s too hot out and it’s really coming together.  The cutter has been a big help.  I always feel good when I complete a project. 


 Here’s Cora, holding down the dining room table.

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