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Blue Denim Socks

May 31, 2015

silver blue socks 014  Since I own about a dozen pair of blue jeans, knitting these made sense.  The yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Soy.  I would have liked to have made a more elaborate pattern, but the yarn said “No”.  It consists of four very loosely spun threads that were definitely out to get me.  I finally gave in and did a simple three one rib.  The socks feel great on my feet and they are machine washable.

I dragged out some yarn that must be at least ten years old a couple of weeks ago.  So far, I’ve taken my work apart twice.  It wasn’t right.  I didn’t like it.  It was boring.  Today, I am going a completely different route.  If I am still dissatisfied, I’m going to get rid of the yarn.  Because it is out to get me.

Taking A Picture of My Cat

May 17, 2015

Sheena, Warrior Princess was sitting on her new throne looking happy and content.  I got out my camera.

flo 005  And she gives me ‘The Look’.

flo 006   “Stupid Human”

flo 008   Why do I bother?

Green Socks for Summer

May 14, 2015

I was thinking about knitting some socks with my pretty Knitcircus yarns, but then I remembered that Summer is coming.  I really shouldn’t use wool, so I went with the Panda Silk I bought off the yarn truck last month.  I found a pattern I liked in a recent copy of Vogue Knitting.

sock 002

It has a Channel Island cast-on that is made with some metallic variegated leftover yarn.

sock 004

The four wavy lines were fiddly, but worth the work.

sock 005


Recuperating After MD Sheep &Wool

May 12, 2015

The older I get, the longer it takes to do anything.  I’ve been home for a week and I still haven’t finished  unpacking.  I also need to send some pictures and show you my purchases.  To make matters worse,  just when the bursitis was getting better, I got the worse migraine headache ever and I’m still in a bit of a fog.

My classes with Beth Brown-Reinsel were absolutely fabulous.  I like her teaching methods and the history lesson that accommodates every class.  Knowing the origins of  the many types of knitting is very enjoyable for me.

004  009

Of course the tiny sweaters are great, too.

Any of you get Beth’s newsletter?  When I opened it this morning,  I was very surprised to see…  That’s me next to the mitts/gloves.  Her site is