Blue Denim Socks

silver blue socks 014  Since I own about a dozen pair of blue jeans, knitting these made sense.  The yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Soy.  I would have liked to have made a more elaborate pattern, but the yarn said “No”.  It consists of four very loosely spun threads that were definitely out to get me.  I finally gave in and did a simple three one rib.  The socks feel great on my feet and they are machine washable.

I dragged out some yarn that must be at least ten years old a couple of weeks ago.  So far, I’ve taken my work apart twice.  It wasn’t right.  I didn’t like it.  It was boring.  Today, I am going a completely different route.  If I am still dissatisfied, I’m going to get rid of the yarn.  Because it is out to get me.

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