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It’s All My Fault

October 30, 2012

Ever since I was a little girl, I hoped for a hurricane named Sandy.  Well, Sandra would have been even better.  You can’t have everything.  I just never thought it would happen.  It’s so far down in the alphabet. 

I was wondering what this lump was in the middle of the creek, then I realized it was my sprinkler pump.

See  that sign on the right?  Are you interested in waterfront property?

Here’s Sweet Baby Rue watching the geese.

They were having so much fun, he thought he’d give it a try.  He changed his mind when his feet kept sinking into the muck.

I thought I should mention that these were taken at mid-tide.  Rue would be in several inches of water if he were there now.

Tanis Gray’s Mulligan Stole

October 27, 2012

I wasn’t very happy with the latest sock club kit.  Knitting tan socks and then embroidering them was not something I cared to do.  I liked the sock pattern and will probably make it some day, just not in that color.  This was definitely one of those times when I wish that Red Bird Knits was still making sock kits.  And I didn’t like the hat pattern either.  I have decided that I will not be renewing in 2014.  Socks That Rock can call it, “It’s not about me Brown”, but it’s just plain old boring flat tan.  They really need to get there act together.

Along came The Knitter Lace Collection.  I could happily knit about half of the designs so buying it was a no-brainer.  I know my scarf won’t look anything like the one on the cover, but it has been so much fun to knit that I could easily make another.  And in a great yarn of course.  I didn’t have enough of the multi-colored yarn to make twenty repeats of the leaf edging, but I did manage eighteen.  Close enough.  It was easy to see where to pick up for the main lace pattern.  The pattern called for two hundred stitches and I had 180.  I did have to squeeze in four extra stitches, but they are not noticeable. 

Worthless Trip

October 26, 2012

I left home on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday.  My son-in-law has the flu and needs to be waited upon so my daughter couldn’t go shopping.  We were going  the next day, but Sweetums called.  He didn’t feel good and wanted me to come home.  He wasn’t really that sick, but he gets anxious since that episode that last summer.  And me?  I think I am getting a cold.  Or as they are taught today, an upper respiratory infection.  Since we had to get a new flash drive, I also bought some upper respiratory infection pills and those awful Zinc lozenges.  You know, they really should advertise them as diet pills.  They can really ruin your appetite.

Another Pair of Coraline Gloves

October 19, 2012

I finally got all the ends woven in.  There were 104.  These are for my grandson.  I put conductive thread in the top of the forefinger and thumb so that he could use his iPhone without taking them off. 

I Wanted to See ‘Frankenweenie’

October 16, 2012

So I called my grandson.  Yah.  He wanted to.  Then I called my son.  Yah.  Him, too.  Thursday, I left LSD and headed for Reisterstown.  I picked up my grandson at UMBC, then we met my son at the theatre. 

We all enjoyed the movie, but I think I got the most out of it.  Tim Burton is a genius.  The scenery reminded me of  ‘Edward Scissorhands’ in that it was set around 1960.  The characters were so—-characteristic?  Sorry.  I’m not very good at this.  My favorite was the science teacher.  His face was so long that you couldn’t look at his eyes and his mouth at the same time.  And his mouth was so expressive!  Would I see this movie again?  Yes!  Definitely!

Friday, I went shopping.  My daughter told me Weber’s had cider and apples and I wanted to go to JoAnns.  I found a Hallowe’en doormat and a knitting magazine, but no fabric.  Weber’s yielded a bushel of Winesap apples and two gallons of apple cider.  Then I visited my brother and sister-in-law.  Some of my high school friends may remember her as the new French teacher.  We spent a pleasant afternoon discussing aches and pains, kids and cats.  I gave them some apples and they gave me two trees and a Christmas cactus.

Saturday, I packed up and headed home.  As usual, I brought more than I needed.  But, really, does it really matter?  I drive a minivan.  I forgot that the Frederick Road exit was closed, but I am familiar with the area and got to Cloverhill yarn in just a few extra minutes.  The shop has changed hands again, but it’s still a good place to get basic yarns.  I managed to find two of the three skeins of Brown Sheep bulky that I wanted, so I was happy. 

Today is Sweetums’ birthday so I think I’ll take him to Smith’s for dinner.  What else do you do with a guy who pretty much buys whatever he wants and doesn’t want much?  But, I love him.  That’s why he’s Sweetums.

Flo was unimpressed.

Is Fall Here?

October 10, 2012

I normally do not like this season.  To me, it means that Winter is coming.  Color is going and soon will be  gone. 

I was trying to come up with a reason to like Winter and getting more depressed by the minute.  Then, it hit me.  Currently, I am making a little quilt and, probably, placemats for my daughter.

After that I have to make some boring cloth bags for Sweetums.  I promised.   Then comes my Kaffe Fassett quilt !  It will be cold and dreary by then, but I will have this to enjoy and lift my spirits!


Red Yellow and Blue Quilt

October 5, 2012

With dogs, cats, and a couple of houses.  On to my daughter’s Christmas quilt.

The back.


The front.

Color Affection Shawl

October 1, 2012

I heard that thousands on Ravelry have made it.  I feel like such a lemming. 

This shawl is so long, in order to properly block it, I had to do it in two sections. I need to take a picture of someone wearing it.  Where’s Sweetums when I need him?

This shawl is incredibly easy and boring to make.  I suggest having something else of interest to do at the same time.  I didn’t bother counting stitches after the first section. It really doesn’t matter.  Close is good enough.  I used a small coiless safety-pin on row 2 of the pattern to keep track of double increases.  Once I was at the second section, it was easy to see and I stopped using the pin.