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Another Pair of Coraline Gloves

October 19, 2012

I finally got all the ends woven in.  There were 104.  These are for my grandson.  I put conductive thread in the top of the forefinger and thumb so that he could use his iPhone without taking them off. 

Beautiful Days, Cool Nights

September 19, 2012

It is hard to stay inside when the weather is perfect .  And, of course, I had to several reasons to be out and about yesterday in the rain.  Today, its windy and cooler, so I’m waiting for the sun to shine out back.  I’ve gotten a lot of knitting finished, including my daughter’s vest.  I also found some orange art deco buttons in my button box. 

Here are the chicken mittens.  In an effort to make these fit me, I used size 1 rather than 2.  And it worked.

Here’s the yarn I used for my Color Affection scarf.  I finished it in short order.  It was extremely easy and got very boring, but the finished effect is beautiful.  Sorry, no finished picture yet.  It went too fast.  And, now, my camera battery seems to be dead.

So.  What’s next?  I need to decide within the next ninety minutes.  Sweetums has a blood test and we have to listen to the hoodoos recite the same old crap.  I need to start my Christmas knitting.  I also need to start my Christmas sewing, but we won’t talk about that yet.  I bought some absolutely fabulous yarn to make my daughter a lacy sweater.  My grandson is getting Coraline gloves with conductive thread in the forefinger tips so he can use his iPhone.  I’ll also make him another cap. 

New doorstop.

Coraline Gloves for Carolyn

August 17, 2010

Do you have any idea how HAPPY I am that are finished?  I spent TWO DAYS weaving in the ends!  That’s 50 per glove!   I had a h**l of a time with the closure at the missing finger with all the color changes and stupid ends.  Usually I put the glove on when weaving.  Since I didn’t want to cut my ring finger off, I had to improvise.  I used an Emory board, a fat ballpoint pen and a tube of lip balm, but working between the pinkie and middle was still difficult. 

If you are interested in making your own, I’ll be putting up a new page.  I’ve already started it, so it won’t be too long. 

I will be starting her third pair of gloves this evening.  One color this time.   Then, I think I’ll make two pairs of socks.  I have got to make myself a pair of Caroline gloves, but with fingering weight.    It should be Autumn by then so I’ll probably start a sweater.  But, will I be able to get to my yarn by then? 

new kitchen wall


Here is the new kitchen wall.  Doug called the cabinet people today and someone is coming by tomorrow.  Yeah! 

See the little closet?  Flo thinks that it’s a good place to keep her Skunky.  She has a lot of trouble finding a place to keep him. 

I Was Debating

August 10, 2010

I have used up all my space.  So I thought, ‘should I buy more or just say the hell with it?’  I’m a pretty lame blogger.  I’m a retired old woman with not much of anything better to do.  Please observe that I did not say “lady”!

I started this thing to combat Warm Brown Turdism.  It is a horrible  disease.  You see WBTs everywhere.  Have a seat at the boardwalk and watch them go by.  Look at everyone closely, but not too closely.  They scare easily.   What are they thinking?  Are they thinking?   Better yet.  What are you thinking?  What are you doing?  Are you just sitting there?  You better not be texting.  Too much of that causes WBT!  Oh.  You’ve got your iPod.  What are you listening to?  Is it the latest piece of crap that everybody else is listening to?  Or is it Jimmy Reed singing Big Boss Man?  Or Jussi Bjordling at Carnegie Hall?  Or the History of Rome podcast?  Or the Math Dude podcast?  Do you even know that you can use your beloved iPod to actually learn something?  And what about your hands?   Are they just laying there?  All right.  I’ll stop.

So anyway.  I bought more space .  I am hoping to write more patterns, but don’t hold your breath.  No.  Go ahead.  You’ll pass out and start breathing again.  So have fun with that. 

Carolyn's gloves

Here’s Carolyn with the gloves I made her.  The fit is good so I only need to weave in all the ends.  I started another pair right away and I have plans for a third pair.  She deserves good fitting gloves as much as anyone.

Carolyn's Coraline Gloves

Look at my Coraline gloves!  I’m so happy.  I love doing this kind of (I’ll say)’stuff’.  I think I’ll make myself a pair in a finer yarn.  You know I love gloves. 

After the rain

Cora loves to get dried off with a towel.  I think she deliberately runs through the sprinklers.  She says she got caught when they changed, but you really can’t believe anything she says–like when she says she missed breakfast.

Moving Walls

August 5, 2010

Frank was here all day yesterday making a helluva lot of noise.  It wasn’t long before I wanted to hide with the cats.  He put in a long day and I thought he would never leave.  He tried to scare me by commenting on all the bugs crawling out of the wall.  I didn’t bat an eyelash.  When you’ve lived with Doug as long as I have, you learn not to take anything seriously that anybody tells you.  But, then, I’ve never been one of those squealy girls.  

new kitchen wall


wall down between bedroom and computer room

yarn room I can only get to a small portion of my yarn. I did manage to get some out before it was too late. One of them was my Coraline glove yarn.Coaline yarn


 The orange is off, but it was the best that I could do.  I wanted to get all the colors from one company.  And it had to be the right kind.  This batch is DK weight.  I also have fingering.  Anybody want Coraline gloves? 

I’d better go.  It’s starting to rain and I need to do a few things. 

Saturday at Sheep and Wool

May 6, 2010

You know, my feet are still tired.  I feel like I pulled a muscle in the left one.  It didn’t keep me from taking my dog for a walk.  It was so beautiful on the river this morning.  I sat on the pier for  while, then found a place where Gus could wade and get a drink.  I love living here.  Now, if I just had a bathtub like the one at the other house, life would be perfect.

OK.  I guess you want to see what I bought.  Some venders have moved, but, since I would be looking at everything anyway, I did eventually find the ones that I wanted.   It was promising to be a very warm, sunny day so I did the outside booths first.  The Tess booth was packed with yarn and people.  I didn’t see the color and type of yarn I wanted so I got out as quickly as I could.   I found what I was looking for at Creatively Dyed Yarns.  What delicious yarn!  It was all I could do to keep focused.

The top I bought on Sunday. I’ll discuss that later.    Look at the bottom skein.  I love the shading and little flecks of color.  it was a little more expensive than I like, but the label said 5.3 oz.  and when weighed, it was 6.5 oz–enough for socks AND gloves. 

I’ve been wanting to make Coraline gloves.  I found a pattern, but they were worsted weight and I wanted lighter.  I finally found a picture of the actual gloves from the movie which is all I really need.  I found this yarn in the first barn and it was cheap, too.  The company is called Made By Ewe and they are on Etsy.  The yarn is DK and I wanted fingering, but I bought it anyway.  Like I said, it was cheap and it has a nice feel.

Before I forget— Hey, Betty.  I found your needles.

Next thing on my list was a chocolate waffle ice cream cone.  They are really good here.  While waiting in line, someone I haven’t seen in about 10 years came up tp me.  We got our cones and found a place to sit.  We talked for nearly an hour.