I Was Debating

I have used up all my space.  So I thought, ‘should I buy more or just say the hell with it?’  I’m a pretty lame blogger.  I’m a retired old woman with not much of anything better to do.  Please observe that I did not say “lady”!

I started this thing to combat Warm Brown Turdism.  It is a horrible  disease.  You see WBTs everywhere.  Have a seat at the boardwalk and watch them go by.  Look at everyone closely, but not too closely.  They scare easily.   What are they thinking?  Are they thinking?   Better yet.  What are you thinking?  What are you doing?  Are you just sitting there?  You better not be texting.  Too much of that causes WBT!  Oh.  You’ve got your iPod.  What are you listening to?  Is it the latest piece of crap that everybody else is listening to?  Or is it Jimmy Reed singing Big Boss Man?  Or Jussi Bjordling at Carnegie Hall?  Or the History of Rome podcast?  Or the Math Dude podcast?  Do you even know that you can use your beloved iPod to actually learn something?  And what about your hands?   Are they just laying there?  All right.  I’ll stop.

So anyway.  I bought more space .  I am hoping to write more patterns, but don’t hold your breath.  No.  Go ahead.  You’ll pass out and start breathing again.  So have fun with that. 

Carolyn's gloves

Here’s Carolyn with the gloves I made her.  The fit is good so I only need to weave in all the ends.  I started another pair right away and I have plans for a third pair.  She deserves good fitting gloves as much as anyone.

Carolyn's Coraline Gloves

Look at my Coraline gloves!  I’m so happy.  I love doing this kind of (I’ll say)’stuff’.  I think I’ll make myself a pair in a finer yarn.  You know I love gloves. 

After the rain

Cora loves to get dried off with a towel.  I think she deliberately runs through the sprinklers.  She says she got caught when they changed, but you really can’t believe anything she says–like when she says she missed breakfast.

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