Moving Walls

Frank was here all day yesterday making a helluva lot of noise.  It wasn’t long before I wanted to hide with the cats.  He put in a long day and I thought he would never leave.  He tried to scare me by commenting on all the bugs crawling out of the wall.  I didn’t bat an eyelash.  When you’ve lived with Doug as long as I have, you learn not to take anything seriously that anybody tells you.  But, then, I’ve never been one of those squealy girls.  

new kitchen wall


wall down between bedroom and computer room

yarn room I can only get to a small portion of my yarn. I did manage to get some out before it was too late. One of them was my Coraline glove yarn.Coaline yarn


 The orange is off, but it was the best that I could do.  I wanted to get all the colors from one company.  And it had to be the right kind.  This batch is DK weight.  I also have fingering.  Anybody want Coraline gloves? 

I’d better go.  It’s starting to rain and I need to do a few things. 

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  1. Betty Says:

    ME!!!!! They are going to be very cool Coraline gloves!!!! Can’t wait to see them done!!!

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