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I Thought I had Finished the Top

February 28, 2016

DSCF1054  I laid it out on the floor and had a good look.   I was very happy with the presents and trees.  But something was missing.  There was no Santa!  What ever was the matter with me?  So, I dragged the books, fabric, pencils and tracing paper back out.  Bumper!

DSCF1099  I need to find my markers to add eyes.  I had so much fun with this project.

I got out all my Christmas type fabrics for the back.  I cut out eight panels rather than trying to use one big piece.  I think I can get one piece for the batting.  If not, I have plenty of pieces.

DSCF1079       DSCF1069    Presents.

DSCF1072    DSCF1085    Trees.

DSCF1090    Chick in a Santa hat.

DSCF1091    And cat help.

Fulfilling Promises

February 24, 2016

Promises are important to me.  If I promise to do something, I do it.  It make take a while, but it will be done.  I promised.  I owe this trait to my mother.  I think it was one of her best tricks.  She disappointed me so many times.  It took me several years to realize that her promises meant nothing.  I was just a little kid.  Why did she do it?  I eventually learned.  When I say, “I promise,” I mean it.  It will be done.  Of course, it may take a while.  After all, I am an old woman.  I can’t say lady.   That’s just not me.  And where am I going with this?  My daughter asked me to make a draft stopper for her sliding doors.

I made this in time for Christmas.


The pattern was poor.   I doubt the writer ever made it the way the instructions were written.  Happily, I had more sense then they did.

She got this one on her birthday.  Did I already show this?


And, now I am working on her final request.


Since the draft stoppers were more important,  I’ve just recently started work on the Christmas tree skirt.  It will have appliqued Christmassy things on it.  It’s been a fun project.  Definitely my favorite.  There’s something to be said for saving the best until last.

I do have one problem.  I joined The Splendid Sampler.  So far I am three blocks and three small projects behind.  I really enjoy finishing.  And I have to finish the tree skirt before starting the quilt blocks.  I know that I don’t need to finish the skirt for about ten months.  And I know that I could go back and forth on these two projects, but I can’t.  I can’t.

Here’s the fabric I chose for my sampler.



A New Bathroom

February 13, 2016

My little bathroom has needed a complete overhaul for quite some time.  The double sink and the tiny fiberglass shower had to go.  Then the toilet went.  There was nothing wrong with it, but Sweetums wanted a high toilet.  And, well, it’s really nice.  It fits nicely where the old shower used to be.


The new shower is absolutely perfect!  We are so fortunate to have a home improvement guy for a friend and neighbor.


I love having two shower heads and being able to sit and shave my legs.  The floor consists of flat pebbles that really feel good on my feet.  The walls are going to be raspberry sherbet.  Now I must shop for towels and rugs.