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Sachet Bag?

February 10, 2013

A little kit for a sachet bag came with one of my club kits.  I looked at it.  I said, “That’s nice.”  And tossed it into my knitting stand.  I really had no use for it.  I’m not a sachet bag kind of person.  Since I go through about fifteen panties a week, I couldn’t come up with a reason to make it.  Then Sweetums bought a case of Snapple in plastic bottles, and I thought, “New water bottles!”  I only had a few left from the case of green tea.  I just keep refilling them. 

There was just one problem. My old bottle holder was too small. P1050325

I got the directions for the bag and measured my bottle.  I didn’t have to change anything.  Well.  Not exactly.  When it was long enough, I purled one row, then started decreasing.   When I was down to three stitches and the bottom was mostly flat, I cut the yarn with a ten inch tail.  I thread it through the three stitches, tightened it and wove in the ends.  The kit came with a little satin ribbon.  I tossed that in with the wrapping supplies.  I got some leftover sock yarn and made a twisted cord instead.  Many years ago, I realized twisted cord was much better than ribbon for knitted items. 

Now.  Is this too cute?  Or what.


Christmas Yarn

February 9, 2013

Normally, the thought of getting yarn for Christmas from a non-knitter is downright scary, but my daughter asked what I wanted.   Many years ago I bought an ounce of qiviuk yarn at a fair.   I made a close-fitting wimple to wear on cold winter days.  I could not believe how warm and soft on my skin it was.  It helped  me make it through many cold windy days while waiting for the bus or train.  I do not miss those days.  So I showed her the website and different options that would make me happy.  She cringed a little.  We don’t go crazy with Christmas presents, but we do try to get something special and are not ashamed to ask for suggestions.  I told her to get her brother to go in with her.  He’s usually clueless as to what to get anyway.   I think I saw her breathe easier.  Needless to say, on Christmas morning, I was a happy camper.

P1050305  P1050301

I made this beautiful shawl with three ounces of Qiviuk and Mulberry Silk from Windy Valley Muskox.  The pattern is called Bigfoot Shawl from Wrapped In Comfort, Knitted Lace Shawls.  The main pattern is only a four row repeat and was quick to knit on a size eight circular needle.  I bound off on a wrong side row and had about one yard left.

Carnitas! sort of

February 7, 2013


I remember reading the recipe, but when the time came, I couldn’t find it. But, I believe I did a good job of winging it. It called for a boneless shoulder, but the pork loin looked too good to ignore. I also didn’t bother to sear it before putting it in the slow cooker. That’s one less thing to wash. I sliced about half a white onion and put it in the bottom. It was a very big onion. I sat the pork loin on top of it, dumpt in a can of enchilada sauce and the equivolate of one package of taco seasoning. Sweetems believes everything is better with taco seasoning so I buy big jars of it. I don’t, however, let him touch the jar. That’s just too dangerous. Anyway. Put the lid on and set it on high cook. After about three hours, I put in a can of chopped green chilies. Let it cook until the meat falls apart. My pork loin was four pounds and it took about six hours before I considered it ready. I also removed bits of fat as it was cooking. I could not believe how good it was!   This recipe is definitely a keeper.

P1050285I had to have to sandwich rolls with it.  So I made some.  I love to make rolls.  I make a big batch of dough and keep it in the refrigerator.  About an hour before hand, I roll out the amount I need, let them rise, then pop them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  I try to use it all up under a week.  They are always so good.  And the perfect complement to carnitas!