Sachet Bag?

A little kit for a sachet bag came with one of my club kits.  I looked at it.  I said, “That’s nice.”  And tossed it into my knitting stand.  I really had no use for it.  I’m not a sachet bag kind of person.  Since I go through about fifteen panties a week, I couldn’t come up with a reason to make it.  Then Sweetums bought a case of Snapple in plastic bottles, and I thought, “New water bottles!”  I only had a few left from the case of green tea.  I just keep refilling them. 

There was just one problem. My old bottle holder was too small. P1050325

I got the directions for the bag and measured my bottle.  I didn’t have to change anything.  Well.  Not exactly.  When it was long enough, I purled one row, then started decreasing.   When I was down to three stitches and the bottom was mostly flat, I cut the yarn with a ten inch tail.  I thread it through the three stitches, tightened it and wove in the ends.  The kit came with a little satin ribbon.  I tossed that in with the wrapping supplies.  I got some leftover sock yarn and made a twisted cord instead.  Many years ago, I realized twisted cord was much better than ribbon for knitted items. 

Now.  Is this too cute?  Or what.


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