Is It Spring Yet?

I’ve been grumpy for weeks now.  And, well, it’s just not a good idea for me to blog when I’m like that. 

After several bad choices, I believe we have finally been able to hang the bird feeder and suet where the squirrels can’t reach, but we can still fill them.  Sweetums attached a bracket to the deck railing and put a long metal pipe through it.  I can hang the feeder on the hook on the end of the pipe and then, push it out far enough that the squirrels can’t jump to it.  (Here I am doing a happy dance.  Would that I could with these knees.)  There is one problem.  It is almost impossible to get any pictures without disturbing the birds.  But I have enjoyed watching a large variety of birds. 

And so have the girls.P1050333

Finding a place for the suet was easy.  There was a hanging basket at the kitchen window when we bought the house.P1050318

Flo likes to sit in the sink and ‘talk’ to them.

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