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Sad Face

March 30, 2008
It’s chilly today, and overcast and dreary. I have a headache and I am a bit down. I can’t find the right kitten/cat. I miss Kevin. I envy Winston and his kitty. I pushed my children to be independent. Sheltering children does them no good. I am proud of the way Jenn is raising Kevin. I appreciate the way she helps Win. I hope Win appreciates all she does for him.

I am going to try and make this star. I like the way it is off kilter—kind of like me.

I felt like I needed to accomplish something today so I started reknitting socks. They are able two inches too long. I don’t know if I was planning to give them to somebody with big feet or I had been drinking too much coffee.

OK. I feel better now. I am going to go cut some fabric into tiny pieces.

Nice Day for a Drive

March 30, 2008
Even though it was cooler today, it was still beautiful. The sky was very blue and the drive over the bay was wonderful. There were even a few sail boats out. I got to Jenn’s around 1:30 and visited for a while and got caught up on everything. She was tired from house cleaning. They rent out a townhouse and the tennets left without giving notice. Since the tennets kept the keys, they had to wait so many days before they could clean out what they left and get it ready to rent again. There are so many laws that work against owners and for renters. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My son and I went out later and got burgers and talked for a while. His new kitty is very sweet. She will get in your lap and purr. She loves to scratched and she loves her kitten chow. She likes to drink out of the bathtub and squeeze into small places. Win seems so happy with her.

While we were out, we wandered through a book store. I didn’t but anything, but I got some ideas.

78 Degrees Today

March 29, 2008
When I saw the picture of my fabric choices for my Orange Crush quilt, I was not sure if the orange was right. I really like the color, but the dots are probably too big. I have another orange that is speckled that looks better but I don’t have enough. I think I’ll use that, and if I need more, I’ll use the original orange. I’ll take a picture tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. I have to take Kevin back tomorrow and Sunday I have knitting group.

Kevin, Gus and I walked for about an hour and a half this morning. I was hot when I got home which is fine with me. And Elvis, too. I am really tired of having cold feet and fingers.

Mother goose has settled in on the island. I was watching her with the binoculars this morning and noticed a branch in the way. I asked Doug to cut it before it gets full of leaves so I could watch her progress.

I took this from the porch. I need to walk down to the water’s edge tomorrow. I don’t have time now. I made chocolate raspberry cupcakes and now I need to get ready to go out. Even Kevin took a shower at the prospect of going to a Mexican restaurant.

Settled In

March 28, 2008
It’s not as nice as yesterday, so there was not of this.

We did go for a nice walk down to the horse farm and then over to the river and back. Kevin came along. It’s nice to know he feels so comfortable with us.

I’ve been working on my sweatshirts.

Zip has been helping me choose colors.

Word-filled Wednesday

March 27, 2008
My daughter showed with my grandson and her sick husband while we were out for our walk. I was going to turn back but Doug said, ” They probably won’t be here for another hour”. A few minutes later, Jenn called so we had to head back. It was a perfect day for walking. I didn’t have to wear a sweater or gloves. When we got back, Kevin had already put the spare TV in the bedroom and rearranged the bed. We never really saw John. He was laying in the backseat of Jenn’s vehicle.

I picked out the fabrics for my quilt and I didn’t buy anything new.

Now I have to find scraps of light and dark fabric to go with it.

Mystery Quilt

March 25, 2008
I pulled out a ton of fabric today trying to decide what colors I’m going to use for the mystery quilt. Thankfully, several people have put up photos of their selections. One big problem I have is is a lack of darks. I can definitely do the brights and evens the lights. I refuse to buy anymore fabric. If it looks strange, so be it. I’ll post a picture when I have made up my mind, maybe tomorrow.

We made it to Goodwill today. We really filled up the car. We got rid of most of our work clothing and some lamps and chairs. I left the blankets and towels in the car. I’ll take them to the animal shelter next time I’m in the area.

I am really getting behind on my blog reading for several days now. There seems to be so many other things I want to do. My site needs a little cleaning, too. The baby gift is almost done. I just might put in a picture anyway. I really like it and it’s made out of my favorite yarn.

Kevin is Coming

March 24, 2008
My grandson will be here Wednesday for a few days so I thought I had better get the room straightened. I couldn’t get to the bed or the table where we put the spare TV. We decided to go to Goodwill to get rid of some of the stuff. Doug dumped everything on the dining room table so that I could make a list and now it is all out ready to go tomorrow. We need to go to the supermarket anyway. After making the bed, I recalled how he slept at the other end last time. If he doesn’t like it, he can always change when he comes.

I got some embroidery done this afternoon. I bought two sweatshirts at Walmart the other week to embroider. You can’t beat seven dollars even if they were not colors that I would normally buy. Here’s the back.

I have to find something cat related for the front. I found some houses that I like for the other shirt. After I finish them, my machine is going for its annual physical. I am so glad I have another machine to use. I just joined a mystery quilt project. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy Easter

March 24, 2008

Twas the night before Easter, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse. Like we’ve got a mouse in our house.


March 23, 2008
I was watching the geese on the creek this morning when I goat walked by. It stopped, looked at me, and then kept right on walking. You would think that it did this every day. Too bad my camera wasn’t handy. Linda called me a few minutes later to see if she had been seeing things. I tried to act all innocent like I had no idea what she was talking about, but Doug was laughing his fool head off so it didn’t work. We found out later that it belonged further down the river and the owner was trying to round her up. One of my other neighbors, didn’t even know what it was. Her husband doesn’t let her out much. I guess there’s a reason he doesn’t.

The cake turned out pretty darn good, but I am not certain that I will make it again. I think I will need a more flavorful fruit or better strawberries. Those big suckers were rather mild.

Powdered sugar everywhere.

We had leftover chicken for supper. I cut up the rest for potpie. I think I can get two good sized potpies out of what is left–one for us and one for Win. Jenn called me last night. She had helped Win give Biscuit her worm medicine. I am not certain she really needed it at her age, but Win needs to learn to be a responsible cat mother. He all ready knows what kind of food she likes and doesn’t like.

Here’s Elvis enjoying the warmth of the desk lamp. I could probably leave it on all night. His fur is really warm right now. We clipped a few of his claws earlier. When cats get old and inactive their claws can curl into their toes making it hard to walk so we check on them about once a month.

I put bugs on one of Doug’s sweaters today to cover up holes, but some holes were too big and I’ll have to do some extra stitching on them.


March 21, 2008
I got on this cleaning thing today and forgot about having to blog. I know I won’t feel like it later, so this is all you’re getting today. I still have to finish the cake and get dressed. Paul closed this business today, so we are going out early.

Look at the size of this strawberry! I bought a pound and it only came to twelve of these suckers.