Nice Day for a Drive

Even though it was cooler today, it was still beautiful. The sky was very blue and the drive over the bay was wonderful. There were even a few sail boats out. I got to Jenn’s around 1:30 and visited for a while and got caught up on everything. She was tired from house cleaning. They rent out a townhouse and the tennets left without giving notice. Since the tennets kept the keys, they had to wait so many days before they could clean out what they left and get it ready to rent again. There are so many laws that work against owners and for renters. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My son and I went out later and got burgers and talked for a while. His new kitty is very sweet. She will get in your lap and purr. She loves to scratched and she loves her kitten chow. She likes to drink out of the bathtub and squeeze into small places. Win seems so happy with her.

While we were out, we wandered through a book store. I didn’t but anything, but I got some ideas.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Looks like the new kitty knows a good thing when she see it. She looks adorable. I am very partial to black and white cats.

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