78 Degrees Today

When I saw the picture of my fabric choices for my Orange Crush quilt, I was not sure if the orange was right. I really like the color, but the dots are probably too big. I have another orange that is speckled that looks better but I don’t have enough. I think I’ll use that, and if I need more, I’ll use the original orange. I’ll take a picture tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. I have to take Kevin back tomorrow and Sunday I have knitting group.

Kevin, Gus and I walked for about an hour and a half this morning. I was hot when I got home which is fine with me. And Elvis, too. I am really tired of having cold feet and fingers.

Mother goose has settled in on the island. I was watching her with the binoculars this morning and noticed a branch in the way. I asked Doug to cut it before it gets full of leaves so I could watch her progress.

I took this from the porch. I need to walk down to the water’s edge tomorrow. I don’t have time now. I made chocolate raspberry cupcakes and now I need to get ready to go out. Even Kevin took a shower at the prospect of going to a Mexican restaurant.


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