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Vice-Presidential Debate

October 3, 2008

I didn’t watch it.  I didn’t want to go to bed with a headache.  I did get some sewing done on my gloves.  They aren’t finished.  The top of one finger didn’t look right so I took it out.  It only involves about six rows.  It won’t take long to fix.

I took this in the afternoon.

And the quilt.

Orange Crush is Finished

October 1, 2008

I am very happy to report that I finished my quilt today.  I am still in Reisterstown so no picture yet.  I put it on the bed.  It looks good.  Maybe the weather will be nice when I get home and I can hang it out on the line for a picture.

I got some framing prices for Win’s diploma and wound up at an art studio down the street.  I got just what I wanted and the price was a lot better than going through the school.  I think it looks better than what they had to offer.

Tomorrow, I will be heading home.  My leg still hurts from walking around on concrete yesterday.  I want to stop in Catonsville again and at another furniture store on the way home so I’m hoping I’ll feel better.  I also finished my gloves and will have pictures for you.  I had a nice visit, but I will be happy to get home.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

September 25, 2008

Little Maudie wants to play.  And she doesn’t want to hear anything about coming again another day.

I, on the other hand, managed to get a few things accomplished.  The quilting is finished and I cut, sewed, and ironed the binding.  I still have to sew it down.  Some knitting was also accomplished.

May 22, 2008

case coverI started on the camera case today.  I really like the speckled orange and I think I’ll line it with the tiger fabric.  It’s very soft and will help to protect the camera.  I am using leftover cut away stabilizer for interfacing.  I don’t know yet if I will close it with a button and buttonhole or use Velcro.  I hope I have the right orange thread.  If not, I probably have some variegated that will work.  I really need to get up to Dover.  Walmart doesn’t have much and the thread they carry splits and breaks.

Since we have an extra week on the mystery quilt, I thought I might make some more blocks.  That way, if I really like it, it would not be that much effort to make it bigger for our bed.  If not, I can always put it on the spare bed.  It already has orange sheets.  

78 Degrees Today

March 29, 2008
When I saw the picture of my fabric choices for my Orange Crush quilt, I was not sure if the orange was right. I really like the color, but the dots are probably too big. I have another orange that is speckled that looks better but I don’t have enough. I think I’ll use that, and if I need more, I’ll use the original orange. I’ll take a picture tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. I have to take Kevin back tomorrow and Sunday I have knitting group.

Kevin, Gus and I walked for about an hour and a half this morning. I was hot when I got home which is fine with me. And Elvis, too. I am really tired of having cold feet and fingers.

Mother goose has settled in on the island. I was watching her with the binoculars this morning and noticed a branch in the way. I asked Doug to cut it before it gets full of leaves so I could watch her progress.

I took this from the porch. I need to walk down to the water’s edge tomorrow. I don’t have time now. I made chocolate raspberry cupcakes and now I need to get ready to go out. Even Kevin took a shower at the prospect of going to a Mexican restaurant.