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Hot Dog Day

January 22, 2010

About once a year, I feel like eating a hot dog.  The stuff that is in them is gross, so I bought Hebrew National to feel better about it.  We made pasta salad and got out the pickles and beets so love so much.   I chopped an onion and reached for the catsup and mustard.  They were good. 

I finished sewing this evening.  I’d like to start the embroidery tomorrow, but we’ll probably go out for supper, so I need to do a little cleaning.  You know, I should just get a cleaning lady person.  It is SO boring!  I would very much rather sew, knit and create.  Anyway, everything should be ready by Wednesday or Thursday. 

I also finished my page on making a camera case.  Yea!

Camera Case is Finished

January 9, 2010

Isn’t it pretty?

And the camera fits in nicely.

Now I have to make one for me.

Ham Today

January 8, 2010

I finally got out the ham and cooked it.  Now my kitchen smells, and so does my refrigerator.  It was good, but I could only eat so much of it.  Now I have all this leftover.  I am going to be so sick of it.  I’ll freeze some of it.  I could make ham salad, but it’s so messy.  The one thing I really like about ham is making bean soup so I guess I’ll have to buy some soup beans.  Even then, I won’t be able eat it until the day after I make it.  I’ll make some cornbread, too.  I have a good recipe that I’ve developed over the years. 

I’ve been putting my Puzzle Me This sweater together.  There is a lot of three needle bind-offs that make it slow.  The yarn is a bit rough and uneven.  After I finish, there is the front band to make.  I hope it’s worth the aggravation.

I’ve been sewing, too.  I patched my husband’s and son’s jeans.  I was a bit surprised at the way they smelled.  The jeans were clean, but washed in different machines with different detergents.  It was like the “man” smell was permanently saturated in them.  I also worked on Win’s camera case.  I sewed the pieces to the stabilizer.  If it snows tomorrow,  I may get it completed.  I have been jotting down notes and taking pictures that I will be putting on my camera case page.

There’s nothing like cat help.

New Camera

December 30, 2009

My daughter bought my son and me a small digital camera.  I’ve been wanting one to carry when I am walking and Win’s is old.  It’s something I wouldn’t buy for myself because I all ready have a good digital, but this new one certainly is handy.  I took it with me yesterday.  It takes decent pictures. 

This is the pier that my neighbor lets me enjoy.   I didn’t sit there today.  It was too cold and windy.  I didn’t relish the possibility of going in the river.  Can you see how high the tide is?

Jenn came down yesterday with a load of firewood for Doug.  She brought enough for two or three years.  Doug was happy as can be.

Here’s my goofy Gus.  He loves his walk.  If it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t walk nearly as much as we do.

Flo loves to curl up on my sweaters.

I’ve been looking for my camera case pattern, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Win has all ready asked for a case.  He wants red.  I have a nice metallic knit and some brown suede for the inside.   I haven’t decided on mine yet.  I have lots of pieces I can use.

How to Make a Camera Case

July 20, 2008

NOTE: Since there have been so many hits on this post, I put this on another page titled Making a Digital Camera Case.  I am currently making two more and will be adding more pictures and commentary.

It was pretty hot this afternoon, so I decided to sew.  I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t put my daughter’s camera case together.  It only took a couple of hours.  I traced around the camera and measured the width at the widest point.  In making a pattern, you have to add in seam allowances on each piece and some more for the thickest of the actual pieces.  So you need to decide what you are going to make it out of before you draw the pattern.

Before sewing the pieces together, I put a 2mm satin stitch around each part to hold them together.  It consists of the orange sparkly stuff, two pieces of heavy interfacing and a fuzzy knit for the lining.  I changed the satin stitch width to 4mm to sew the pieces together.  Sewing in the gusset was not easy.  Instead  of starting at one end and sewing around, I started  along the bottom.  I matched the mid point of the gusset with the center back.  I sewed the bottom, around the curve and up the side past the gusset to secure it.  Then I started about one half inch over the previous stitching and repeated.  The gusset needs to be on the top side in order to get around the curve so half the time the camera case will be at the right of the needle instead of the left.  Sewing the front to the gusset was hard.  I used the same method and started at the bottom again.  When I had it all together, I ran another satin stitch around the whole thing.  The buttonhole is off center, but, at this point, I don’t care.  And I am sure my daughter won’t either.

May 22, 2008

case coverI started on the camera case today.  I really like the speckled orange and I think I’ll line it with the tiger fabric.  It’s very soft and will help to protect the camera.  I am using leftover cut away stabilizer for interfacing.  I don’t know yet if I will close it with a button and buttonhole or use Velcro.  I hope I have the right orange thread.  If not, I probably have some variegated that will work.  I really need to get up to Dover.  Walmart doesn’t have much and the thread they carry splits and breaks.

Since we have an extra week on the mystery quilt, I thought I might make some more blocks.  That way, if I really like it, it would not be that much effort to make it bigger for our bed.  If not, I can always put it on the spare bed.  It already has orange sheets.