How to Make a Camera Case

NOTE: Since there have been so many hits on this post, I put this on another page titled Making a Digital Camera Case.  I am currently making two more and will be adding more pictures and commentary.

It was pretty hot this afternoon, so I decided to sew.  I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t put my daughter’s camera case together.  It only took a couple of hours.  I traced around the camera and measured the width at the widest point.  In making a pattern, you have to add in seam allowances on each piece and some more for the thickest of the actual pieces.  So you need to decide what you are going to make it out of before you draw the pattern.

Before sewing the pieces together, I put a 2mm satin stitch around each part to hold them together.  It consists of the orange sparkly stuff, two pieces of heavy interfacing and a fuzzy knit for the lining.  I changed the satin stitch width to 4mm to sew the pieces together.  Sewing in the gusset was not easy.  Instead  of starting at one end and sewing around, I started  along the bottom.  I matched the mid point of the gusset with the center back.  I sewed the bottom, around the curve and up the side past the gusset to secure it.  Then I started about one half inch over the previous stitching and repeated.  The gusset needs to be on the top side in order to get around the curve so half the time the camera case will be at the right of the needle instead of the left.  Sewing the front to the gusset was hard.  I used the same method and started at the bottom again.  When I had it all together, I ran another satin stitch around the whole thing.  The buttonhole is off center, but, at this point, I don’t care.  And I am sure my daughter won’t either.


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  1. nancy Says:

    You are sooo clever and talented

    You are sooo clever and talented! What a beautiful job!

  2. nancy Says:

    oops! don’t know what happened on the first comment. The first sentence is incomplete!

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