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Finally Finished

February 3, 2010

At this point, I thought I had finished.  The sleeves came to the same point as the picture in the book.  I must have tried it on at least six times, trying to tell myself that it was fine.  But it wasn’t.  I like sleeves to be too long.  So, what do I do?  I make cuffs.

It hangs out a little in the back, but I can live with that.  I also sewed in hooks and eyes down the front.  It’s finally finished and I’m finally happy. 

While I was away, I started another pair of socks.  I didn’t want to take the sweater with me.  The pattern is from Socks, Socks,  Socks on page 70.  I used more stitches and smaller needles.  I may also change the heel.  The pattern is relatively simple and fun. 

I want to get back to my Stars sweater.  It depends on how many cats I have in my lap.

For a change, there was more snow on the shore than in Baltimore.  I was surprised to see all this.  Cora has been having fun.

I Was Frustrated

January 21, 2010

Yesterday, I decided to update the camera case page.  Every time I added a couple of sentences, I would lose the connection.  It made me crazy.  I couldn’t get anywhere.  I finally gave up and turned it off.

I finished the first night-shirt.  The other is almost done.  I should be ready for Jenn’s birthday.

Here’s my Puzzle Me This  sweater.  I removed the front panel and made it longer.  I may also take out some of the three needle bind-offs.  They look too bulky.  I’ll decide after I sew the front panel back on.   Flo doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.

Alone At Last

January 19, 2010

It’s quiet.  Doug is fed.  The animals are fed and have gone out to play.  I figure I have about 45 minutes until Doug comes in and turns on the TV.  Sometimes days go by with no chance of this kind of peace.

I am not happy with my sweater.  I finished the front band and attached it.  I held it up and didn’t like the way it hung.  I tried it on and stood in front of the big bathroom mirror.  Nope.  I still didn’t like it.  So I took the band off.  It needs the band so I am re-making it.  I think I will re-attach it differently, too.  I won’t give up on it.  I’ll get it right.  All this effort is not going to waste.

Yesterday was knitting group.  I had a birthday gift for Maria.  She is determined to make gloves.  I gave her some sock yarn, which is also good for gloves, and my old ball winder.  I had her make a swatch and told her to start the ribbing.  She’s going to try and come one day soon her help.  She’s trying to get Leslie to do it, too.  We have such a great time together.

Cora is doing very well with the swift.  She is so helpful!

My sewing is going well.  One robe is almost finished.  I need to do some embroidery on it before sewing the side seams.  It’s much easier that way.  I plan to complete the first night-shirt tomorrow and hopefully get halfway through the second.  Everything should be ready by the time I cross the bay.

I talked to my son yesterday.  He tried to get me to volunteer to pick a doctor for him.  He complained that it was hard to call anybody since he was at work.  I suggested he call one each day at lunch time with his questions.  ‘Are your accepting new patients?  What are your hours?  Etc.’  I had all ready knocked the list down to four for him.  Sometimes you just have to make your kid do things for himself.

I Meant to Blog

January 15, 2010

Two days ago, yesterday and today, but I’ve been busy.   I’ve started two night-shirts and a fleece robe for my daughter and a robe for me.  I have also decided on my sweater.  I’m making the front bands out of a small loop brioche in a rusty brown.  It looks good.  More next time.

Ham Today

January 8, 2010

I finally got out the ham and cooked it.  Now my kitchen smells, and so does my refrigerator.  It was good, but I could only eat so much of it.  Now I have all this leftover.  I am going to be so sick of it.  I’ll freeze some of it.  I could make ham salad, but it’s so messy.  The one thing I really like about ham is making bean soup so I guess I’ll have to buy some soup beans.  Even then, I won’t be able eat it until the day after I make it.  I’ll make some cornbread, too.  I have a good recipe that I’ve developed over the years. 

I’ve been putting my Puzzle Me This sweater together.  There is a lot of three needle bind-offs that make it slow.  The yarn is a bit rough and uneven.  After I finish, there is the front band to make.  I hope it’s worth the aggravation.

I’ve been sewing, too.  I patched my husband’s and son’s jeans.  I was a bit surprised at the way they smelled.  The jeans were clean, but washed in different machines with different detergents.  It was like the “man” smell was permanently saturated in them.  I also worked on Win’s camera case.  I sewed the pieces to the stabilizer.  If it snows tomorrow,  I may get it completed.  I have been jotting down notes and taking pictures that I will be putting on my camera case page.

There’s nothing like cat help.

I was Bad—-Again

September 19, 2009

I couldn’t help it.  It came out of my mouth of its own free will.  I am such a nasty old woman.  But, I enjoyed it.  And I am still enjoying it. 

I had my annual mammogram this morning.  When I finished, the technician offered me a carnation.  I paused , looked at them, looked at her, and said matter of factly, “No.  It’s—- silly.”    I’m sorry.  I’m not a little kid that is given a lollipop after getting a shot to help the tears go away.    That’s it.  I’ve said enough on that.

091209 001

Molly/Olive loves my/her shawl.  I keep it draped over the back of my favorite chair.  She likes to pull it down so it falls on her.   She’s a neat little cat and adores her new little girls.  We let Flora go outside with her and she watches her the whole time.  She is a good mother.  Cora just had her operation so we can’t let her go out yet.  She’s doing very well.  Dr. Mike really knows what he’s doing. 

091809 008

I’m making good progress on my sweater.  The lower body is finished and I finished the right front in one day.  I’m hoping to get it finished in a couple more weeks.  This picture does not do it justice.  It really looks nice.  I hope it will look at good on me. 

I think I want to make some orange socks for Halloween and I’m trying my best not to look at any other yarn.