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I Meant to Blog

January 15, 2010

Two days ago, yesterday and today, but I’ve been busy.   I’ve started two night-shirts and a fleece robe for my daughter and a robe for me.  I have also decided on my sweater.  I’m making the front bands out of a small loop brioche in a rusty brown.  It looks good.  More next time.

It Snowed Yesterday

January 21, 2009

You’d never know it, now.  It snowed all day and an hour later, it was all gone.  It was in the upper twenties when we went for a walk.  I stayed on the road and turned back early because I was so stiff.  Usually, by the time I get to the end of the road, I’m limber, but not today.  It’s a good thing we went out early, because the wind started blowing hard and I hate wind.  God.  This is so lame.

Knitting:  Second black sock:  half a leg

Sewing:  Working on fourth nightshirt, then embroidery

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