Ham Today

I finally got out the ham and cooked it.  Now my kitchen smells, and so does my refrigerator.  It was good, but I could only eat so much of it.  Now I have all this leftover.  I am going to be so sick of it.  I’ll freeze some of it.  I could make ham salad, but it’s so messy.  The one thing I really like about ham is making bean soup so I guess I’ll have to buy some soup beans.  Even then, I won’t be able eat it until the day after I make it.  I’ll make some cornbread, too.  I have a good recipe that I’ve developed over the years. 

I’ve been putting my Puzzle Me This sweater together.  There is a lot of three needle bind-offs that make it slow.  The yarn is a bit rough and uneven.  After I finish, there is the front band to make.  I hope it’s worth the aggravation.

I’ve been sewing, too.  I patched my husband’s and son’s jeans.  I was a bit surprised at the way they smelled.  The jeans were clean, but washed in different machines with different detergents.  It was like the “man” smell was permanently saturated in them.  I also worked on Win’s camera case.  I sewed the pieces to the stabilizer.  If it snows tomorrow,  I may get it completed.  I have been jotting down notes and taking pictures that I will be putting on my camera case page.

There’s nothing like cat help.

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