Ice on the Creek

It’s been too cold lately.  I have had to wear my jacket and hat and scarf and gloves or mittens when I go for a walk.  It also makes picture-taking difficult.  I really like having a little camera to slip into my pocket, but I still have to pull my gloves off to use it.  It has its short comings that I probably would not notice if it was my only camera.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really do like it.  It’s very handy.  It’s nice to have something that I can carry anywhere.

We didn’t get out until 11AM today.  It was the first day in several that we did the horse farm and the pier on the river.  It was so windy Saturday and Sunday, we only walked our street.  Even Gus was ready to go home.

I thought I should include a picture of the ice on the creek.  There’s ice on the river, too.

I have started making camera cases again.  Since I get hits on the case I made last year, I decided to make a new page.  I copied my old entry into it and will be adding pictures and more directions.  I even had the sense to put a note on my old entry.   Here’s what I have so far.  Hopefully, I’ll start sewing later today.

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