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200% Humidity

May 28, 2008

noro socksWell, it felt like it.  I was wasted by the time we got back from our walk.  I sat out back with a cold drink and knitted for about an hour.  Then I remembered my Noro socks so here they are, on my feet.

noro socks  I thought you might like to see the heels. 

wavy socksI started on my next pair.  This yarn feels wonderful and it’s knitting quickly.  I don’t know whether they are for me or someone else yet.

ZippoMy poor baby was hot.  I asked him if he wanted me to shave him, but he declined my offer.  The fan was doing a good enough job.  Thank you very much. 

My Little Girl

April 24, 2008

There are times when I wish that I really didn’t like animals. And last night was definitely one of them. Maude was gone from 1PM until 6AM. I didn’t get to sleep until after 1AM. We left the back door to the garage open a few inches and locked the door to the house. At 3:30, she still had not come home. Finally, at 6AM, she came bounding in from the garage and headed for the chow. I opened a fresh can of chicken for her. She was really hungry. I was so glad to see her and so mad at her. I told her she was a very bad girl in a very sweet voice. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea, but I needed to say it. She does like to wander, but she always heads home when it gets dark. I bought her for her “A” personality. She does not let Zip run over her. She thinks she weights thirty pounds. I could never keep her in. She doesn’t like to be held, but she will get in your lap and she likes to petted and scratched. She’s a pistol.

Now she’s catching up on her sleep.

It was such a nice day that I sat out back and worked on my socks. I am starting the heel. I have done this heel before, but it has been a long time. Thanks to Lucy’s excellent instructions, the heel is now finished.

Here is how it looked this afternoon.

I also started sewing together my little squares and triangles.

And now, I think I’ll take my book and go to bed.

Nice Day for a Drive

March 30, 2008
Even though it was cooler today, it was still beautiful. The sky was very blue and the drive over the bay was wonderful. There were even a few sail boats out. I got to Jenn’s around 1:30 and visited for a while and got caught up on everything. She was tired from house cleaning. They rent out a townhouse and the tennets left without giving notice. Since the tennets kept the keys, they had to wait so many days before they could clean out what they left and get it ready to rent again. There are so many laws that work against owners and for renters. It’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My son and I went out later and got burgers and talked for a while. His new kitty is very sweet. She will get in your lap and purr. She loves to scratched and she loves her kitten chow. She likes to drink out of the bathtub and squeeze into small places. Win seems so happy with her.

While we were out, we wandered through a book store. I didn’t but anything, but I got some ideas.

Goodbye Myuushi

February 22, 2008

At first, I wasn’t going to mention it.

My Myuushi died this morning. He went down to the basement, laid down on the pile of dirty clothes and died.

Let me tell you about Myuushi…..

We always put hard food and plenty in the back room on our garage when we go on vacation. My daughter came by and fed the cats. If any got out, they had a place to go and eat and drink. We also did this in the winter because strange cats would wander in and out at times.

Nine and a half years ago, when we drove home, a tiny kitten darted into the cat hole in the garage. We tried the rest of the day to corner him. I went to the kennel to pick up King. When I got back, the dog scared the kitten again. Late Sunday night, we finally found him. He was very sick was a nasty cut in his neck. I called the emergency vet and took him in. I didn’t think that I would ever see him again, but we brought him home around midnight. At first, we called him Lucky because he was lucky to be alive. My son was 13 at that time and started calling him Myuushi and that stuck. Even the spelling was his doing. He was also known as Football and Rolly. He was very short and round. Even his tail was short. Try and catch him and all you got was the tip of his tail.

Myuushi’s parents were probably feral. He had several of the traits. He loved the basement, the third floor, the garage and the night. He loved to hide. We would be looking for something and find him curled up in the oddest places. Many times one of us would say, “Guess where I found Myuushi today.” I was very worried about him when we moved to Delaware. He loved the basement here. Doug had built shelves and moved a lot of things into the basement before the big move. And that’s where The Myuush stayed for the first several weeks. If we left food down there, we never would have seen him. Plus, there is a furness room with a half door and a sand floor that is even better.

Myuushi wound up really liking it here. He actually went out during the day and interacted much more with our other pets. He was a happy boy. He had a good life.

Mild Today

February 18, 2008
When I went walking this morning, it was cold and windy. Now, at 8:30PM, it’s 57. Of course, now, it’s too dark to walk.

One mitten is done. I may finish the top differently. I ‘ll decide when I get to the top of the other one. I’ve got most of the ribbing done on the second one. I should have the baby blanket finished in a few days. The top is mostly quilted.

I had lots of cat help. After he finished cleaning himself, he gave Gus a bath.

Gus tried to clean Zip in return.

And I’m Back

February 9, 2008

I was going to wait until Saturday to leave, but I started thinking about how it is to wake up here. Every morning, I come into the living room and pull up the curtains to see what’s out there. I left around 8PM and I was home in less than two hours. Big Zip has gone to sleep on my hands, so please forgive my typing. My son has new shirts, pants, ties and a better haircut. We have yet to find someone worthy of a return.

Zip likes watching the creek too.

Yesterday’s Comments

January 17, 2008
Christine and Nancy are a great help to me when I talk about the weather. Nancy makes me enjoy my Summers when she talks about the 120 degree weather. Christine makes me enjoy my Winters when she talks about the -22 degree weather. Thank you so much. It just makes me feel so much better. Can you see the self satisfied grin on my face? No. Wait. I shouldn’t talk that way. I’ll go live in a cave and eat worms. But I do enjoy Delaware. I think that you should both come for a visit in May. We can sit out on the deck and knit the day away.

This morning.

This evening. Myuushi is always helpful.

When I have to pick up new stitches between the fingers, I pick up twice as many, the knit 2tog. It helps to close the gap. I also do this on heels when making socks.

Here’s my purple and black sweater with my new hat and gloves. Now, I have to make a scarf.


Time to Strangle the Cat

January 11, 2008
It started to rain about an hour ago and Zippo is getting into a lot of trouble. He came in mad as a hornet and is taking it out on Maude and Gus and everything else he comes in contact with. His evening is ruined and it’s everybody else’s fault.

The road to Dover was busy for a change and it took me longer. Between the crazies and the clueless, it’s a wonder I ever made it. I had hoped to do a little shopping before class, but it had all ready started when I got there. It was a good class and I learned some new things. I will be able to do a lot more than with my old software. I thought that I would sell it. I have been watching the prices on E-Bay.

I have to uninstall the old and install the new. Maybe, I will do it tomorrow. I want to finish the hat tonight and I want to embroider the Maine Coon that I didn’t get around to today. I need to do some house work tomorrow. We are going out with the neighbors and I don’t want them to think we are complete slobs. I have got to wash my hair, too. So I don’t think I’ll have new software until Saturday. I’ll be lucky if I have time to blog tomorrow.

Good Friends, Happy Thoughts

January 9, 2008

Here are two pictures of some real friends. I believe that I could tell them anything.

And there are others, but I never remember to take my camera with me.

Here are some of my Christmas presents.

Kevin, my grandson, gave me this.

These are from the two prior years.

Don’t tell me you’re not smiling.

We’ve got to have some knitting. These are from Doug.

She is so cool. I’ve been to a few of her classes.

I finished the front of the table runner. I have to make a label and go downstairs to get the batting. Never buy ten yards at once. There is no place to put it.

And we have to have a cat picture.

Happy thoughts to you.

Ice onthe Creek

January 5, 2008

I was surprised to see all this ice when I got up.

It wasn’t windy and I was feeling better so I went on a walk with the dog.  We walked down the main road and then cut through the woods to the river.  The water was really moving.  Gus likes to run along the beach when the tide is down, but today he wasn’t at all interested.  We were out for an hour.  It wasn’t bad, but I was glad to get home and get warm.  There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee on a cold day.

I started sewing on the table runner.  Zippo helped.  He had a lot to say.

  Look.  I made a snowflake.  I programed it into my machine and put several on the top.  I really like this machine. 

I got some knitting done.

  After I finish this hat, I am going to make gloves to go with the hat I made last week.

I’m pretty tired.  I should go to bed.