Goodbye Myuushi

At first, I wasn’t going to mention it.

My Myuushi died this morning. He went down to the basement, laid down on the pile of dirty clothes and died.

Let me tell you about Myuushi…..

We always put hard food and plenty in the back room on our garage when we go on vacation. My daughter came by and fed the cats. If any got out, they had a place to go and eat and drink. We also did this in the winter because strange cats would wander in and out at times.

Nine and a half years ago, when we drove home, a tiny kitten darted into the cat hole in the garage. We tried the rest of the day to corner him. I went to the kennel to pick up King. When I got back, the dog scared the kitten again. Late Sunday night, we finally found him. He was very sick was a nasty cut in his neck. I called the emergency vet and took him in. I didn’t think that I would ever see him again, but we brought him home around midnight. At first, we called him Lucky because he was lucky to be alive. My son was 13 at that time and started calling him Myuushi and that stuck. Even the spelling was his doing. He was also known as Football and Rolly. He was very short and round. Even his tail was short. Try and catch him and all you got was the tip of his tail.

Myuushi’s parents were probably feral. He had several of the traits. He loved the basement, the third floor, the garage and the night. He loved to hide. We would be looking for something and find him curled up in the oddest places. Many times one of us would say, “Guess where I found Myuushi today.” I was very worried about him when we moved to Delaware. He loved the basement here. Doug had built shelves and moved a lot of things into the basement before the big move. And that’s where The Myuush stayed for the first several weeks. If we left food down there, we never would have seen him. Plus, there is a furness room with a half door and a sand floor that is even better.

Myuushi wound up really liking it here. He actually went out during the day and interacted much more with our other pets. He was a happy boy. He had a good life.

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4 Responses to “Goodbye Myuushi”

  1. Sara Says:

    Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear this. Losing a pet is so hard.

  2. Janice Says:

    I’m so sorry, it’s so hard to lose someone you’ve loved for so long. Love those part-feral guys, I had one.
    Farewell little guy.

  3. Christine Says:

    Oh…I am so sorry to hear this. Myuushi looked a lot like our Jynx cat. She was a stray too. She lived 18 years. She died in her sleep too. I was glad that she did not ever have to suffer but just went to sleep. Myuushi totally looks like Jynx. She was a sweet cat.

  4. nancy Says:

    So…sorry to hear about Myuushi. It is so hard when one looses a pet. I am still mourning my dog Dixie that we had to put to sleep a couple of weeks ago.

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