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Watermelon Socks

June 28, 2020

  It’s a Lucy Neatby pattern, but I don’t know the magazine.  I usually remove the ones I think I will make and put them in a binder after a few years. I don’t know the name of the dyer either.   Ruth ran off with the label.  It’s probably under a bed in 20 or 30 pieces.

  This is Ruth.  She may look the innocent, but she isn’t.

Got Up Early

June 28, 2013

The long-awaited range hood was to be installed. But he called. He won’t be able to make it until next Tuesday. Argh! All that rearranging for nothing. I even cleaned the toilet. I’ve been grumpy all week. It’s to be expected. 

When I was in Bethany, I bought two skeins of  Bombay by Katia.  I’ve been wanting to make my Girlie Summer Socks again.  The pair I have have been through the washer and dryer and still look and feel great.  I was very happy to find two colorways that I liked. 

P1050480  Look!  They match!  And I wasn’t even trying.  I knit the Eye of Partridge heel, other wise it’s the same pattern. 

P1050487  With the second pair, I went with a ruffle.  I got out Lucy Neatby’s little sock book, Cool Socks, Warm Feet, and found just what I wanted.  Using a little math, I figured I needed to cast on two and one half times as many stitches.  I won’t tell you the rest.  That would be unfair to Lucy.  And I really like her. 

P1050488  Here’s a close up.  I used a sixteen inch circular needle to start.  Then, on the decrease round I switched to double points.

I started another pair last night using the Panda Silk I bought at MD Sheep and Wool.  I am trying a new design of my own.  If I am happy with them, I’ll have a new pattern for you to try.

I Washed my Socks

June 12, 2011

All twenty-nine pairs.  Olive was not impressed.

 I also felted my vest and it fits again.  It’s a Lucy Neatbby pattern.  I used a heavier yarn than was called.  It order to judge the size, I swatched a triangle or two and made it two sizes smaller.  I am so glad that I made it with wool so I could shrink it.  I never thought I would lose weight.  Retiring and living better certainly helped.

I finished my Social Network socks and started another pair, but I have yet to take a picture.  They’re all ready 3/4 along. 

The yarn is Socks That Rock medium weight(dk).  They were a lot of fun to make and knit up quickly.  I won’t be wearing them until Winter as they are quite heavy.  The next pair is fun too.  Wait ’til you see them!

Since it has been so hot, I’ve been working indoors on my little quilt.  I thought the top was finished until I laid it on my dining room table.  It dawned on me that if I added one more row of blocks, it would look good on the table.  Since it is Cora’s favorite napping place, I like to keep it covered.  I managed to find enough scraps to make them, but now I think I’ll have to patch the back.  Oh well.


More Nano Stuff

December 30, 2008

Today, I subscribed to a couple of podcasts.  They were good to listen to while I was folding clothes.  I added one of my Buddy Holley CDs.  Even the picture of the album showed on the screen.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll read about DVDs.  It would be nice to have my Lucy Neatbys on it.  I am also wondering about deleting the music that came on it.  There’s nothing there that I am really interested in listening to again and they take up almost 1GB.  This thing has 8GB and I’ve got a lot of CDs.


Here’s Fergie in her new dress.  Nancy says she loves to wear it.

Where to Find my Entrelac Hat Pattern

December 10, 2008

Look at the pages on the right.  I put my pattern there so it will be easy to find.  I looked for my scarf pattern, but it must not have been copied from my old computer.  I do have a hard copy and I will try to make myself sit down and type it out.    Also, when I get around to it, I am going to make gloves to go with these socks.


This pattern is from Lucy Neatby’s sock book.

You Make My Day Awards

January 27, 2008

These awards are not in order of importance. It would cause me to think and I have decided not to do that today.

  1. Linda and Paul—Neighbors and now friends.
  2. Nancy—She renewed our friendship after about 50 years. We still have a lot in common.
  3. Jenn—Daughter extraordinaire. What more can I say?
  4. Winston—Son I never thought I would have again.
  5. Doug—Husband that I haven’t beaten to death yet.
  6. Bill and Maddie—My brother and sister-in-law. They still love me even when the “Mother” in me shows. They know what I mean.
  7. Colette and Suzette—Always very nice ladies. I think they got stuck together the first day they started working.
  8. Diana and Carol—They asked me to lunch several years ago. Now there are seven of us.
  9. Christine—My newest friend. I like the way she thinks.
  10. Kevin—Grandson. I figure I won’t get another until I’m eighty so I am going to enjoy the hell out of this one.

I could add the couple on the point. They are so clueless. They’re a constant source of entertainment for Linda and me. Doug said that if he can’t decide what to do, he can ask Mike and then do the opposite. He hasn’t made a good decision since he moved here. How did I get on this tract? Happy Thoughts. Happy Thoughts.

I watched one of my Lucy Neatby DVDs this afternoon. It had been a while since I did a provisional cast on and I wanted a refresher. I watched it the whole two hours. It was so good that I wanted to watch all of them right then. But sanity returned. I do plan to buy most of them in time. I have started on a wimple. When it gets a little further along, I’ll post a picture.

Look at this hole. I really like these socks. So—-do I take them apart back to the heel or patch it? I think this is going to be left for summer.

Good Friends, Happy Thoughts

January 9, 2008

Here are two pictures of some real friends. I believe that I could tell them anything.

And there are others, but I never remember to take my camera with me.

Here are some of my Christmas presents.

Kevin, my grandson, gave me this.

These are from the two prior years.

Don’t tell me you’re not smiling.

We’ve got to have some knitting. These are from Doug.

She is so cool. I’ve been to a few of her classes.

I finished the front of the table runner. I have to make a label and go downstairs to get the batting. Never buy ten yards at once. There is no place to put it.

And we have to have a cat picture.

Happy thoughts to you.

Snow? In Delaware?

December 5, 2007

I had to take Sweetums to Lewes this morning to have a polyp removed. Poor baby. I am so good to him. I even got up a 5AM to mix his last cocktail for him. Then I went back to bed until 8AM. Well, you know. I had to drive. I needed my rest. When we got there, I sat with him for about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to eat in front of him so I rode over to Rehobeth Beach and had breakfast. After doing a little shopping, he called and said he was done. Snow was starting to fall and I really wanted to get home. We live about 45 minutes away. This is only the second time that it has snowed since we moved to Delaware. I know how to handle my vehicle, but I don’t trust others.

The cats had a great time. Little Maude was out the longest. The Myuush went out, walked around and came back in. Zippo spent a long time cleaning his fur. I asked him if he would like a haircut, but he said no, thank you very much.

I finally finished my Equilateral Vest. The yarn I used was heavier and I had to change needle size. Thanks to Lucy Neatby’s instructions, I had no trouble with gauge and the size was right on. I really like her patterns.