Snow? In Delaware?

I had to take Sweetums to Lewes this morning to have a polyp removed. Poor baby. I am so good to him. I even got up a 5AM to mix his last cocktail for him. Then I went back to bed until 8AM. Well, you know. I had to drive. I needed my rest. When we got there, I sat with him for about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to eat in front of him so I rode over to Rehobeth Beach and had breakfast. After doing a little shopping, he called and said he was done. Snow was starting to fall and I really wanted to get home. We live about 45 minutes away. This is only the second time that it has snowed since we moved to Delaware. I know how to handle my vehicle, but I don’t trust others.

The cats had a great time. Little Maude was out the longest. The Myuush went out, walked around and came back in. Zippo spent a long time cleaning his fur. I asked him if he would like a haircut, but he said no, thank you very much.

I finally finished my Equilateral Vest. The yarn I used was heavier and I had to change needle size. Thanks to Lucy Neatby’s instructions, I had no trouble with gauge and the size was right on. I really like her patterns.

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