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Olive and Cora

June 14, 2013


Some cats know how to pose.


Others don’t.  Or they just don’t give a shit.  I’m not certain which.

Adventures of Maude and Zippo

May 29, 2008

ZippoI could have killed Maude and Zip last night.  They were both out until after midnight.  I could see Zip out by the bulkhead, but Maude was nowhere that I could see.  She blends in so well.  I told Zip he should take better care of his little girl.  Maude rolled her eyes and went to bed.  It was warm all evening so they were not coming in.  This evening, they are all ready home because it’s chilly.  Is this what I can expect all summer?  I guess I am just going to have to leave the garage door open.   



And another thing, she has been getting up at 6AM, wanting to go out.  Have I mentioned the mouth on this cat?  It’s unbelievable!  I think she could wake the dead.  How can such a little cat have such a big mouth?  And my big nosed, big red cat?  He sounds like he’s about to breathe his last breath.  His cry would bring a tear to a gargoyle.  Elvis has gotten a bit loud, but that has only been since he lost his hearing.


I got my fabric cut for Step #5 today.  I should be able to sew the blocks in the next day or two.  Once I get the required amount done, I’ll make some more blocks so that I can widen it.  That way it won’t be so much at once.  I also worked 20 rows on the sock.  I still don’t know if I like the pattern or not.  Sometimes it just takes a while.

Noro Socks

May 26, 2008

noro socksThey are finished.  I washed them this afternoon and laid them out to dry on the stove.  Then I made banana nut muffins.  Doesn’t everybody make muffins for supper?  Theywere perfect, but the socks are still not dry.  I am happy with this picture.  Maybe, I’ll take another tomorrow.

I got out another hank of yarn to make another pair of socks.  This one is baby Merino and is unbelievably soft.  If I don’t spend too much time in Dover tomorrow, I may be able to start them.  I hoping to get the yarn wound tonight.  I don’t know.  It’s so late all ready and I didn’t sleep well last night.  Doug kept waking me up with his infernal snoring.


maude & zip

I was hoping to sew today, but Maude and Zip had other ideas.  Under Zip are nine neat little stacks of quilt squares to be sewn. 

Step #5 of the mystery was put out last night.  I wasn’t happy with the way it was set up.  One page had nothing to do with the quilt and there was a recipe at the end of it that I knew I would never make.  Since I was not allowed to cut and paste, I told my printer which pages to print and had to hand write a few lines.  One page only had three lines on it and still had half a recipe that I didn’t want.  I do like to bake, but this recipe was gross. 

Unhappy Zippo

April 25, 2008

I let the cats out around 8AM. A few minutes later, they were back and Zip was growling. Linda and Paul had their picture window gutted due to rot and mold. That happens living on the water. Maude came in, too, but only because Zip was growling. She went back out in a little while, but Zip stayed in unto after the carpenter left.

He went back to bed.

This gave him the fright of his life.

We had a great day. The weather was perfect and we had a nice long walk. Gus’s tail was dragging be the time we got back. I got a lot of knitting done on my sock. I couldn’t stay in. I had to sit out on the deck and enjoy the day. It was too perfect.

This is a great looking heel.

The Cats are NOT Happy

April 21, 2008

It rained quite heavily during the night and the ground is entirely too wet for little cat feet. They go out. They come in. They go out. They come in. Elvis looked out and decided to sleep on the settee. Maude and Zip decided to play hit and run. Maude hides behind or gets on top of the dog chair/bed. It’s a big old overstuffed chair that would probably be long gone if it weren’t for Gus. He satisfies his need to get on the furniture. I even made him a blanket out of left over fleece. Anyway, Zip lays on the floor and calls Maude. She ignores until he forgets she is there. Then she springs out on her hind legs with her front legs held out . She gives Zip a few good whacks and takes off for the other end of the house. By the time Zip realizes what has happened, she is long gone. Fifteen minutes later, they are doing it again.

Sorry, but I just couldn’t get a good picture. She was too fast for me.

Too Nice to Be In

April 18, 2008

I got sweaty sitting outside on deck around noon. It was wonderful. I am only inside now because I had to prepare the strawberries and make a little dinette cake to go with them. I had some strawberry extract and added a little red food dye to get the full effect.

My table runner isn’t finished yet.

Maude wouldn’t let me.

I got most of the cutting done for clue 2 of the quilt.

I am two-thirds through the first sleeve on my sweater which is pretty good considering how little time I have put into it. I like this pattern better, but I am not thrilled with the yarn and I doubt that I will buy it again. Maybe it will feel better after a good washing.

Not a Good Start

April 11, 2008

Well, I got up this morning and almost stepped in cat puke. Then, after making coffee, I went down the hall and Maude was depositing grass and more puke on the carpeting. I pushed her out the front door and went to get something to clean it up. My hip is pretty grumpy in the morning so I wasn’t very happy.

I wanted to make something nice for this evening so I sat down with one of my cook books and a glass of orange juice. As I was absorbed in my book, Elvis decided my lap looked very inviting. I didn’t see him coming until it was too late. He got his claw caught in the arm of the chair and my orange juice went over the side. Half went onto the carpet and half went into a tote bag. Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful.


And this one had nothing to do with it.

Did I tell you I went shopping yesterday? This is what I bought.


No SUn Again

April 8, 2008
Fifty degrees, cloudy and drizzling sucks! It can really make a person grumpy. Luckily, Linda was full of gossip toady. She wants to punch her other neighbors lights out. I don’t blame her. The man is a pompous ass and his wife is a class A wimp. Her ranting and raving lifted my spirits. She’s really good at coming up with scenarios of what she would like to do to him. I had called her to tell to look out her window. And this is what we saw.

There was also a Great Blue, but I couldn’t get them all in the same shot. There is also a duck nesting on the same island as the goose. I hope I am home when they begin to hatch. I was last year. They were born in the pouring rain. I don’t guess it mattered to them, but I had to watch from inside.

I got some mending done and Zip helped me finish my blue sweatshirt. Of course, he had his own opinion about what should be done.

Trying to Quilt

April 3, 2008
I am finally starting on the quilt. I sewed together about a mile of strips. Then I ironed them flat.

And stared slicing them for four patches.

You know what? I need to make about two miles of strips. One mile wasn’t enough!

Maude and Doug are feeling better today. Doug is able to drink beer again and Maude is back to raising hell. Zip has decided that she smells right again or the cologne I put on him yesterday is still working. His nose is extra sensitive. I guess because it is so big. When I put flea drops on Maude he always gets a dose of cologne. All he can smell is cologne and it makes it easier to put flea drops on him. The things I have to do!

Gus doesn’t like his “chewable” heart-worm pills so I have to stuff them down his throat. I have done that with all my dogs including two German Shepherds. Someone asked me once if I wasn’t afraid of getting bit. I would never own a dog that I was afraid of. That’s just stupid. I always give Gus a treat after his pill. Then, I chase him around the house and try to take it from him. He thinks this is great fun. He’ll even deliberately drop it and pick back up before I can grab it.

Can you see the goose sitting on her eggs. I forget my extra lens when I walked around the bulkhead. Maybe I’ll get a better picture next week if I remember the lens.

It’s 70 Degrees

March 20, 2008

Maudie went out early this morning and came back after 1 PM wanting breakfast and then just pushed it around her plate. So far this year, we have been presented with two big fat moles. Why else would they be right in the middle of the welcome mat if they were not meant as gifts? We have since learned to look down before stepping down. I wish Maude wouldn’t wander so much, but I would never be able to keep a cat in, especially here. If I lived in an apartment, it would be different, but I hope that I never have to do that. I loved it here. We all do.

Elvis has his own chair.

Where’s Zippo, you say? He had work to do.

Somebody has got to watch the printer.

I baked a chicken for supper tonight. It was so gross. Chicken is supposed to come in little packages of breasts with no skin or bones. My house is going to smell for days. After cutting up what we would eat for supper, I wanted to throw the rest away. But, I didn’t. I wrapped it up like a good housewife and put it in the refrigerator. I do make good potpie. I will probably boil the carcass to make broth when I get the rest of the meat off. And I’ll stink up the house again!