Not a Good Start

Well, I got up this morning and almost stepped in cat puke. Then, after making coffee, I went down the hall and Maude was depositing grass and more puke on the carpeting. I pushed her out the front door and went to get something to clean it up. My hip is pretty grumpy in the morning so I wasn’t very happy.

I wanted to make something nice for this evening so I sat down with one of my cook books and a glass of orange juice. As I was absorbed in my book, Elvis decided my lap looked very inviting. I didn’t see him coming until it was too late. He got his claw caught in the arm of the chair and my orange juice went over the side. Half went onto the carpet and half went into a tote bag. Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful.


And this one had nothing to do with it.

Did I tell you I went shopping yesterday? This is what I bought.


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  1. Christine Says:

    I remember life with cats. They always seem to know when it is most inconvenient to act up. At the end of the month my daughter is going to move home. She plans to take some night classes plus she might as well live here while John and I are in Seattle. My two grandcats are coming home with her. They have lived most of their lives here so they should be happy. I expect a lot of shenanigans.

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