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Not a Good Start

April 11, 2008

Well, I got up this morning and almost stepped in cat puke. Then, after making coffee, I went down the hall and Maude was depositing grass and more puke on the carpeting. I pushed her out the front door and went to get something to clean it up. My hip is pretty grumpy in the morning so I wasn’t very happy.

I wanted to make something nice for this evening so I sat down with one of my cook books and a glass of orange juice. As I was absorbed in my book, Elvis decided my lap looked very inviting. I didn’t see him coming until it was too late. He got his claw caught in the arm of the chair and my orange juice went over the side. Half went onto the carpet and half went into a tote bag. Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful.


And this one had nothing to do with it.

Did I tell you I went shopping yesterday? This is what I bought.



January 22, 2008
I was not happy yesterday. I could not understand why. Then, I read that shrinks call the third Monday in January the unhappiest day of the year. This actually made me feel better. My feelings were justified. I went with the flow and got through the day. I worked on my hat in the evening and read until 1AM.

Today, I got two packages! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Sock yarn for new gloves.

I have been thinking about this set of needles for quite a while. They go from zero to three(0, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3) and there are six needles of each size. And they are in pretty colors. I really like Kristin Knits. It has very good instructions with good illustrations and charts. Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat hair looked like fun.

Walking was much more tolerable today. We went to the horse, but there was only one horse out. We didn’t recognize him and he was in harness for trotting. So Gus was the only one that got a horse treat today. There was a lot of ice on the creek this morning, but it didn’t.t bother the ducks, geese or heron. Usually, I don’t like low tide. The creek looks like a mud hole, but it was pretty today.

Got to go. Doug’s making a fire.