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Is Spring Coming?

March 8, 2010

It was 55 degrees when we went for a walk this morning.  I wore a light sweater and no gloves and a cotton sunhat.  I was happy.  We’ve been able to walk down to the river for the past few days, but the trails at the horse farm are a mess.  They are almost impossible to walk on.  There are also several trees down in the woods and we have to make a detour to get through.  The owner is in Florida for the winter so we will have to deal with it until May.  I wish that I had brought my camera.

Maybe I’ll be able to put these away soon.  Flo won’t be happy.  She likes  ‘her’ sweaters.

Too Nice to Be In

April 18, 2008

I got sweaty sitting outside on deck around noon. It was wonderful. I am only inside now because I had to prepare the strawberries and make a little dinette cake to go with them. I had some strawberry extract and added a little red food dye to get the full effect.

My table runner isn’t finished yet.

Maude wouldn’t let me.

I got most of the cutting done for clue 2 of the quilt.

I am two-thirds through the first sleeve on my sweater which is pretty good considering how little time I have put into it. I like this pattern better, but I am not thrilled with the yarn and I doubt that I will buy it again. Maybe it will feel better after a good washing.