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My Tree is Happy Right Where It Is!

January 11, 2013

It makes me feel good.  I don’t like Winter.  It’s cold and dreary outside.  In here, its bright and cheerful.  Every morning, I get up and plug it in.  It helps me make it through the day, especially when aches and pains are really getting me down.  Sometimes, Olive tries to help by removing an ornament or two.  She likes to sit on the little table and look at the lights.  She also climbs in and pretends that she is a decoration.  How could I take it down when she enjoys it so much?


I made these for a friend of mine.  She’s a mail carrier and wears an old pair that she cut the fingertips off.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I made her these.  I love to make gloves.  They don’t take long and every time I finish a finger, I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

Gloves for Side Slip Cloche

January 1, 2011

They’re not too funny looking, are they?  They look better on, really they do.  Here, again, I got out Ann Budd’s book to determine stitch count.  I started following the brim instructions from the cloche.  When I had worked 78 rows beyond the ruffle, I picked up and knit from the back of the ruffle and bound off at the same time.  Do not cut the yarn.  The last stitch is the first stitch of the hand.  Pick up and knit 33 more stitches.  Working in the round, knit one, purl one for four rounds.  I did this to pull it in at the wrist a bit.  Continue working the glove as in the book.  In order to have a matched pair, I worked 77 rows so that I wouldn’t have to cut the yarn.

The Washing of the Gloves

April 5, 2010

I was thinking about washing my socks, but I think I may still have an occasion to wear them.  So I washed my gloves instead.  One pair needs mending so I need to find the obligatory scarf.  It’s pretty small.  I’ll barely be able to get it around my neck afterwards.  After I finished washing, I found another pair and I think there is a pair in my heavy coat pocket.  Oh, well.  Maybe they will get their chance next year. 

We rode down to Jeff’s Nursery this afternoon and found the bushes that Doug wanted.  He bought four in two different colors.  You never know about that man. 

I decided that I need yellow socks, especially for summer.  I couldn’t find anything in my stash that was appropriate.  I found some on-line in Sockotta.  Now I don’t know what to do.  I can’t buy just one ball of yarn.  If I spend $100 I get free shipping.  I can’t stand it.  I just can’t stand it.  OH!  And they were cheap, too!  I can’t stand it.

Outback Salisbury

March 23, 2010

After knitting group, two of my  girlfriends and I went to Outback for dinner.  Usually three or four of us go out.  I suggested Outback since I’m a veteran and I could get a free blooming onion.  The thing was enormous and there was still two-thirds left by the time we were through.  The sauce that came with it was too hot, but the onion wasn’t bad.  I got pork tenderloin and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was really good.  We stayed for about three hours.  Not that many people go out to eat on Sunday around here so we weren’t taking up needed space.  I’ve been teaching them how to make gloves.  Currently, they have finished the thumb gusset and are ready to knit the hand.  Then come the fingers. 

And look at what I found out on the road.

Is Spring Coming?

March 8, 2010

It was 55 degrees when we went for a walk this morning.  I wore a light sweater and no gloves and a cotton sunhat.  I was happy.  We’ve been able to walk down to the river for the past few days, but the trails at the horse farm are a mess.  They are almost impossible to walk on.  There are also several trees down in the woods and we have to make a detour to get through.  The owner is in Florida for the winter so we will have to deal with it until May.  I wish that I had brought my camera.

Maybe I’ll be able to put these away soon.  Flo won’t be happy.  She likes  ‘her’ sweaters.

Signs of Autumn

August 19, 2009

It may be 90 degrees outside, but there are definitely changes.  Half of the tuckahoe is dead.  There is scum on the water from dying vegetation.  And the geese are acting weird.  I don’t like to think about Autumn.  It means that Winter is just around the corner.

081309 015

I didn’t do anything today.  I spent more time looking at crap on the Internet then I spent knitting my last pair of gloves.  (I need to take a picture of them.)  I pulled out three balls of yarn that I originally bought for socks.  Two don’t have any nylon or polymide so I had to find some other use for them.  So, I’ve been looking at hats and gloves and I think I’ve fund something.  They are both in Vogue Knitting.  One of the things I like is how they have videos of the patterns on-line.  They are really helpful.  I also found a pattern for socks in Yarn Forward. It’s pink and orange.

081309 017Here’s my labyrinth socks.  I finished them on Friday.  And finished the purple gloves on Monday.

This Week’s Dining Experience Didn’t Happen

April 12, 2009

We didn’t go anywhere last night.  Last Sunday, I went to Red Lobster with girlfriends.  I would have preferred to go elsewhere, but it wasn’t my turn to pick.  I had baked fish and I couldn’t tell you what the others had. It was OK.  Wednesday morning, we went to IHOP and had omelets.  They were good.  The place is clean and bright and the manager is not above helping the waitresses.


I am starting to like these gloves.  I’m using a size smaller needle, but it still seems a bit too big.  I’ve onlygot three and a half inches to go on my sweater, so I may actually get it finished before too long.

I washed, dried AND ironed two dozen tea towels this morning.  Friends are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary so I thought I would embroider some tea towels.  I didn’t know which ones to get so I got them all.  I figured I’ll use them sooner or later.

The Gloves are Finished

March 6, 2008

They only took one skein of yarn. I can still make a pair for me, too. They will be going out to Nancy as soon as we find an envelope to put them in. It’s weird how one looks bigger than the other.

If Christine’s mittens are too big, she can always wear them the next time she does the dishes. A little scrubbing in some hot soapy water will do the trick. Then leave them on until they are dry and they should be just right.

We sat out on the deck for a while this afternoon. I worked on the other baby gift. If anyone wants to see it, leave me your email and I’ll send a picture.

Maude was busy doing her job. “Catch those voles, Maude! Good girl!”

I worked on my website a little last night. I did it all by myself with no ‘help’ from anyone and now my blogroll actually works. Who knows what I will tackle next.

It’s Snowing

February 21, 2008
Snow started to fall about two hours ago. Maude and Zip went out and played on the deck for a while. Now, they are both asleep. It’s a typical light snow with less than an inch so far–just the right amount for silly kitties. Gus thinks they are nuts. He goes out and barks at them. They run by and swat him on the legs. He just mumbles and comes back in.

I got a nice note from Ellen in Salt Lake City. She made my entrelac hat pattern. Here’s a picture.

She had nothing but good things to say about my pattern. I’m so happy!

I have finished the thumb increases on the first glove and I’m ready to start the main part of the second mitten. I want to get these done as quickly as possible so I can make something BIG.

I really should spend more time on sprucing up my blog. I look at other blogs and see all kinds of things that I could do, but once I am done with my blog , I’m ready to get up and do something else. One of these days I’ll make myself do it.

Spring is in the Air

February 10, 2008

Our Canada geese laid claim to the island today. They seem to think that it’s that time of the year again. Didn’t they check the forecast? It is supposed to get down to 17 degrees tonight. This will be the third year they have taken it over. Last April when the eggs were hatching, it was in the pouring rain. Linda and I watched with our binoculars from inside our homes. The next day it was sunny and they brought the babies over to our yards. Maude thought, “Breakfast!”. The adults had other ideas. She picked right up on that and made a beeline for the house.

I have started Christine’s mittens. It’s fun so far. I am using the needles I bought from Knit Picks. I really like them. They are very smooth like my old Baleen needles, but do not bend like them. They seem stronger than my other wooden needles, Most of which are Brittany. I tried Lantern Moon, but was not happy and not worth the price.

Zippo printed the pattern for me. He can be quite handy at times.

I’ll probably start Nancy’s gloves later this week. I should have had this contest earlier because she is going to North Dakota this week. Maybe I will put little cables up the fingers.

Tell me. Should I join a Red hat club? I discovered that there are about half a dozen within ten miles of here. I am not sure if I have a Red Hat personality. I do, however, own a red hat.