The Gloves are Finished

They only took one skein of yarn. I can still make a pair for me, too. They will be going out to Nancy as soon as we find an envelope to put them in. It’s weird how one looks bigger than the other.

If Christine’s mittens are too big, she can always wear them the next time she does the dishes. A little scrubbing in some hot soapy water will do the trick. Then leave them on until they are dry and they should be just right.

We sat out on the deck for a while this afternoon. I worked on the other baby gift. If anyone wants to see it, leave me your email and I’ll send a picture.

Maude was busy doing her job. “Catch those voles, Maude! Good girl!”

I worked on my website a little last night. I did it all by myself with no ‘help’ from anyone and now my blogroll actually works. Who knows what I will tackle next.

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2 Responses to “The Gloves are Finished”

  1. Christine Says:

    I had to goggle “vole”. Looked like a mouse to me. I guess that is because it is a type of mouse. We know them as field mice. Good job Maude. Hmmm…I hope you don’t eat them Maude…that is a good way to get worms. We had to regularly de-worm old Jynx. She insisted on eating them. Good job on the web site.

  2. nancy Says:

    Love the gloves!!!

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