Gloves for Side Slip Cloche

They’re not too funny looking, are they?  They look better on, really they do.  Here, again, I got out Ann Budd’s book to determine stitch count.  I started following the brim instructions from the cloche.  When I had worked 78 rows beyond the ruffle, I picked up and knit from the back of the ruffle and bound off at the same time.  Do not cut the yarn.  The last stitch is the first stitch of the hand.  Pick up and knit 33 more stitches.  Working in the round, knit one, purl one for four rounds.  I did this to pull it in at the wrist a bit.  Continue working the glove as in the book.  In order to have a matched pair, I worked 77 rows so that I wouldn’t have to cut the yarn.

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