This Week’s Dining Experience Didn’t Happen

We didn’t go anywhere last night.  Last Sunday, I went to Red Lobster with girlfriends.  I would have preferred to go elsewhere, but it wasn’t my turn to pick.  I had baked fish and I couldn’t tell you what the others had. It was OK.  Wednesday morning, we went to IHOP and had omelets.  They were good.  The place is clean and bright and the manager is not above helping the waitresses.


I am starting to like these gloves.  I’m using a size smaller needle, but it still seems a bit too big.  I’ve onlygot three and a half inches to go on my sweater, so I may actually get it finished before too long.

I washed, dried AND ironed two dozen tea towels this morning.  Friends are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary so I thought I would embroider some tea towels.  I didn’t know which ones to get so I got them all.  I figured I’ll use them sooner or later.

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  1. Christine Says:

    Reminds me of the sweater that I knit for John last winter that he does not wear. It is too bulky. Those will be nice warm mitts though.

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