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My Tree is Happy Right Where It Is!

January 11, 2013

It makes me feel good.  I don’t like Winter.  It’s cold and dreary outside.  In here, its bright and cheerful.  Every morning, I get up and plug it in.  It helps me make it through the day, especially when aches and pains are really getting me down.  Sometimes, Olive tries to help by removing an ornament or two.  She likes to sit on the little table and look at the lights.  She also climbs in and pretends that she is a decoration.  How could I take it down when she enjoys it so much?


I made these for a friend of mine.  She’s a mail carrier and wears an old pair that she cut the fingertips off.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I made her these.  I love to make gloves.  They don’t take long and every time I finish a finger, I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

No Ornaments on Our Christmas Tree

December 14, 2009

I’ve decided hat I don’t need them.  Why do I need them?  I’ve got three little girls to decorate it.  And they are not breakable.  Cora is very good at picking the ornaments off and carrying them off to parts unknown.  I am also very afraid that she will do it to one that is very special to me.

It has been raining all day.  It’s only n the mid-fifties, but I am chilled to the bone.  It really sucks.  No wonder I’m in a bad mood.  I have finished the machine sewing.  I even made hangers of it.  Hopefully, I’ll get the hand sewing accomplished in the next day or two.  The babes are sleeping now, so perhaps I can get a lot of it finished tonight.  The baby sweater is finished except for the snaps and buttons.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Maude is Still Out

December 16, 2008

You can see her there in the yard.  She said, “It’s not cold.  I”m not coming in.”


Here she is sitting on the deck railing this afternoon. 


Since I don’t have very many ornaments that can stand up to this kind of treatment, it didn’t take me long to trim the Christmas tree.  I have also decided to display the Nativity in the glassed in china closet.


Olive’s New Toy

December 14, 2008

I thought it was a Christmas tree, but Olive had other ideas.



Putting up the tree helped to lift my spirits for a while.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.  It’s supposed to me warmer.  I don’t  dare put any ornaments on the tree until we get it tied down.  I may have to resort to only using my unbreakables.


I took this picture at 4PM.  The sun is almost down.  Ican’t stand it.


I was determined to use both colors when rounding out the heel.  It took four tries.  I couldn’t get it snug enough to suit me.

It’s Very Sad

December 18, 2007

I was decorating the tree today when I discovered something. My son’s favorite Christmas ornament has died. For twenty years, it played Silent Night when it was squeezed. Today, not the slightest sound came from its bowels. Granted, it has been very difficult for it to do more than a few thin bars for the past several years, but at least we knew that it was still alive and kicking. It is very sad. My poor dear son will be heart broken.

On a happier note, I finished putting together Santa and his sleigh. I even bought a bunch of little presnts to put in with him. The tops of the reindeer are together and now I have to glue on their underbellies.

Last night, I sent out all my Christmas cards. And now, the house and tree are decorated. At least something is done. Here is my most cherished ornament. It is the last to go on the tree and the last to come off. And I am the only one allowed to handle it. It was made for me thirty-seven years ago. I can’t say anymore.