Olive’s New Toy

I thought it was a Christmas tree, but Olive had other ideas.



Putting up the tree helped to lift my spirits for a while.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.  It’s supposed to me warmer.  I don’t  dare put any ornaments on the tree until we get it tied down.  I may have to resort to only using my unbreakables.


I took this picture at 4PM.  The sun is almost down.  Ican’t stand it.


I was determined to use both colors when rounding out the heel.  It took four tries.  I couldn’t get it snug enough to suit me.

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One Response to “Olive’s New Toy”

  1. Christine Says:

    Go for the unbreakable this year. Olive looks like she is going to claim the tree. Yup…she says it is hers.

    We are on daylight savings. It doesn’t get light out until about 8:30 AM but it stays light until after supper. It really messed with me in Seattle when it got dark so early with no day light savings time. The amount of day light had not changed at all but it seems like it.

    I have never knit socks. I went to knit a pair of slippers that are basically thick socks. I got confused about the pattern and gave up. I don’t have time to fool around now. I will try and get a pattern that is clearer later and learn how to knit socks.

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