It’s Very Sad

I was decorating the tree today when I discovered something. My son’s favorite Christmas ornament has died. For twenty years, it played Silent Night when it was squeezed. Today, not the slightest sound came from its bowels. Granted, it has been very difficult for it to do more than a few thin bars for the past several years, but at least we knew that it was still alive and kicking. It is very sad. My poor dear son will be heart broken.

On a happier note, I finished putting together Santa and his sleigh. I even bought a bunch of little presnts to put in with him. The tops of the reindeer are together and now I have to glue on their underbellies.

Last night, I sent out all my Christmas cards. And now, the house and tree are decorated. At least something is done. Here is my most cherished ornament. It is the last to go on the tree and the last to come off. And I am the only one allowed to handle it. It was made for me thirty-seven years ago. I can’t say anymore.

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  1. soapsuds63 Says:

    I love Santa and his sleigh! You make such beautiful things! Isn’t it fun to unwrap the christmas ornaments every year? Every year when I unwrap my ornaments, my mind is flooded with memories of many christmases past. I have ornaments that my children made for me when they were in preschool and throughout their childhood years. I cherish every one of them. Every ornament holds a special memory for me.

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