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A Really High Tide

December 1, 2010

I took these around 3PM.  We had several hours of  steady rain last night and this morning.  At least it wasn’t  snow.  It would have to be about 30 degrees cooler.  Every time there is a good rain,  it overflows my neighbors’ bulkheads and theirs are newer than mine.  I guess this is why we have to have flood insurance.  Of course if our house ever was flooded so would the entire Delmarva peninsula.  And when was the last time that happened?  I also find it interesting that we have only been required to carry flood insurance since Katrina!  I will be so glad when we pay off this house.

Waiting for the Rain to Stop

August 18, 2010

I was really looking forward to Wednesday.  Frank had a prior commitment so Doug and I would be able to go for a walk together.  He plays Frank’s gopher so I usually walk alone with Gus.  It’s so much easier with Doug.  He carries my cane and when walking gets rough, I hand him the leash and he hands me my cane.  When I am alone, I have to be very careful and Gus has to be on his best behavior.  And I can’t always go where I want.  We did manage to get out for about 20 minutes, but what good is that?  Now, we’re waiting for it to let up enough to go to the supermarket. 

Or, we can always play dead.

I’m going to Reisterstown tomorrow for a few days.  This will be my first time this summer.  It’s supposed to be hot on Friday, but the rest of the weekend sounds good.  I’d also like to visit my daughter and brother and sister-in-law while I am there.

No Low Tide

January 26, 2010

We had rain and wind last night.  The wind blew hard enough to send water from bay up the river and our creek.  It seemed so odd this afternoon.  The sun had come out and the tide should have been going down, but the creek waters kept rising.


No Ornaments on Our Christmas Tree

December 14, 2009

I’ve decided hat I don’t need them.  Why do I need them?  I’ve got three little girls to decorate it.  And they are not breakable.  Cora is very good at picking the ornaments off and carrying them off to parts unknown.  I am also very afraid that she will do it to one that is very special to me.

It has been raining all day.  It’s only n the mid-fifties, but I am chilled to the bone.  It really sucks.  No wonder I’m in a bad mood.  I have finished the machine sewing.  I even made hangers of it.  Hopefully, I’ll get the hand sewing accomplished in the next day or two.  The babes are sleeping now, so perhaps I can get a lot of it finished tonight.  The baby sweater is finished except for the snaps and buttons.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Rain Again

November 24, 2009

So, no dog walk.  I made some mashed potatoes and took a shower.  When the potatoes cooled, I made roll dough and put them in the refrigerator until tomorrow.   While Doug made up his mind as to what he wanted to bake, I finished the embroidery.

I love my embroidery machine.  This is going to be a label to put on the back.    I’m also doing some applique.







Here’s another picture of the label.







Doug went with cherry almond muffins.  It was a mix that I bought in Intercourse last week.  And they were good, too.  Maybe, I’ll make buckwheat pancakes Thrusday morning.  It’s another mix, too.

I Didn’t Think It Would Ever Stop Raining

October 20, 2009

So I have been enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.  Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be warm again.  The cats are happy, too.  Zip doesn’t like rain.101709 002Especially when the others laugh at him.101709 001

Maude and the Rain

September 7, 2008

Maude hates rain and getting wet in general.  It’s all our fault that she had to stay in today.  We let her out on the front porch, but she couldn’t go anywhere.  She sat out there and hollered.  We didn’t want the neighbors to think that we were cat killers so we let her back in.   She got into a lot of trouble inside and was not at all happy.




Zip on the other hand,didn’t mind it at all.

Last Night

June 24, 2008

MaudeWe had thunder and lightning yesterday evening.  Zip was at the door, ready to come in about two  minutes later.  But did Maude?  No.  She knew it was nothing and went on with her business, whatever that was.  Little hard head.  Or, as my son’s kindergarten teacher would say, “strong willed”.  Well, it rained hard and it rained long.  Maude does not like to get wet.  Maude hates to get wet.  We finally went to bed with the back door to the garage just enough room for a seven pound cat.  I woke up around 2AM.  It had stopped raining, but there was no cat.  Nothing at 4 either.  When I checked around 6:30, she came out and ran in the house.  She was completely dry and very happy to see me.  I could choke her.  Did you notice that she is sleeping on my new fabric with her dirty feet.  She slept a lot during the day and stayed in her yard.  (Her yard consists of my house and the two houses on either side.)  We had another rain storm this evening.  She was sleeping on a chair on the deck.  She was the first one in.  And that’s saying something!  We don’t call him Zip for things

Look! I’m growing something from seeds.  Only thing is—I don’t remember what they are.  I should have started earlier.  I never have any luck with seeds so I didn’t expect them to actually grow.

Not My Mother

June 5, 2008

I don’t want to be like my mother and I strive not to be.  I grew up feeling like I was an inconvenience to her.  I don’t know if she even loved me.  When I needed a hug, I would walk to the bus stop and wait for Daddy.  He always smiled when he saw me and he gave me a hug.  I wish he hadn’t died so young.  I miss him.  He wasn’t the best Father, but, you know, I knew he loved me.

We are having some weather here.  Maude was too far away when the rain started, but she came home when it let up.  We were without power for 4 1/2 hours.  I was going to make roasted red potatoes and asparagus, but I have an electric range here, which I am still getting used.  We wound up having hot dogs on the grill.  They were really good.  About once or twice a year, I crave hot dogs so we were lucky.  Neither of us felt like going out.

wavy socksMy socks are coming along nicely.  I didn’t have time to work on them today.  We had to go shopping and drop stuff off at Good Will.  Just as I was getting the potatoes out, the power went down.  Afterward, there wasn’t enough light.  Doug has a great flashlight with rechargeable batteries, but I am used to working under an Ott light.  I tried winding some yarn, but I couldn’t even do that right.

Drunk Kitties

May 16, 2008

maud and 4 patchesWell, I’ve got things to do so this will be short again.  This is one of the days that I wouldn’t have posted if it weren’t for the fact that I said I would do it every day for a year. 

It rained during the night and all morning so we got the cats drug which is always a lot of fun.  Maude tried to get into my squares and went to sleep.