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Adventures of Maude and Zippo

May 29, 2008

ZippoI could have killed Maude and Zip last night.  They were both out until after midnight.  I could see Zip out by the bulkhead, but Maude was nowhere that I could see.  She blends in so well.  I told Zip he should take better care of his little girl.  Maude rolled her eyes and went to bed.  It was warm all evening so they were not coming in.  This evening, they are all ready home because it’s chilly.  Is this what I can expect all summer?  I guess I am just going to have to leave the garage door open.   



And another thing, she has been getting up at 6AM, wanting to go out.  Have I mentioned the mouth on this cat?  It’s unbelievable!  I think she could wake the dead.  How can such a little cat have such a big mouth?  And my big nosed, big red cat?  He sounds like he’s about to breathe his last breath.  His cry would bring a tear to a gargoyle.  Elvis has gotten a bit loud, but that has only been since he lost his hearing.


I got my fabric cut for Step #5 today.  I should be able to sew the blocks in the next day or two.  Once I get the required amount done, I’ll make some more blocks so that I can widen it.  That way it won’t be so much at once.  I also worked 20 rows on the sock.  I still don’t know if I like the pattern or not.  Sometimes it just takes a while.