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Three Miles of Strips

April 5, 2008

I am about out of lights and darks. I sewed a bunch together today and I am hoping that I have enough. They are ironed and ready to be cut. I should get to them tomorrow.

But, it’s Friday so we had to do some housework and bake something before we go out to eat. I had some strawberries that I sliced up. I’ll whip up some cream before we go. I decided to make grandmother’s cinnamon cake to put them on. It doesn’t look like much,but it’s good.


Trying to Quilt

April 3, 2008
I am finally starting on the quilt. I sewed together about a mile of strips. Then I ironed them flat.

And stared slicing them for four patches.

You know what? I need to make about two miles of strips. One mile wasn’t enough!

Maude and Doug are feeling better today. Doug is able to drink beer again and Maude is back to raising hell. Zip has decided that she smells right again or the cologne I put on him yesterday is still working. His nose is extra sensitive. I guess because it is so big. When I put flea drops on Maude he always gets a dose of cologne. All he can smell is cologne and it makes it easier to put flea drops on him. The things I have to do!

Gus doesn’t like his “chewable” heart-worm pills so I have to stuff them down his throat. I have done that with all my dogs including two German Shepherds. Someone asked me once if I wasn’t afraid of getting bit. I would never own a dog that I was afraid of. That’s just stupid. I always give Gus a treat after his pill. Then, I chase him around the house and try to take it from him. He thinks this is great fun. He’ll even deliberately drop it and pick back up before I can grab it.

Can you see the goose sitting on her eggs. I forget my extra lens when I walked around the bulkhead. Maybe I’ll get a better picture next week if I remember the lens.