It’s 70 Degrees

Maudie went out early this morning and came back after 1 PM wanting breakfast and then just pushed it around her plate. So far this year, we have been presented with two big fat moles. Why else would they be right in the middle of the welcome mat if they were not meant as gifts? We have since learned to look down before stepping down. I wish Maude wouldn’t wander so much, but I would never be able to keep a cat in, especially here. If I lived in an apartment, it would be different, but I hope that I never have to do that. I loved it here. We all do.

Elvis has his own chair.

Where’s Zippo, you say? He had work to do.

Somebody has got to watch the printer.

I baked a chicken for supper tonight. It was so gross. Chicken is supposed to come in little packages of breasts with no skin or bones. My house is going to smell for days. After cutting up what we would eat for supper, I wanted to throw the rest away. But, I didn’t. I wrapped it up like a good housewife and put it in the refrigerator. I do make good potpie. I will probably boil the carcass to make broth when I get the rest of the meat off. And I’ll stink up the house again!

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  1. Christine Says:

    Great pictures of your pets. I like the on of Zippo watching the printer. It makes me wonder what is in there.

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