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No SUn Again

April 8, 2008
Fifty degrees, cloudy and drizzling sucks! It can really make a person grumpy. Luckily, Linda was full of gossip toady. She wants to punch her other neighbors lights out. I don’t blame her. The man is a pompous ass and his wife is a class A wimp. Her ranting and raving lifted my spirits. She’s really good at coming up with scenarios of what she would like to do to him. I had called her to tell to look out her window. And this is what we saw.

There was also a Great Blue, but I couldn’t get them all in the same shot. There is also a duck nesting on the same island as the goose. I hope I am home when they begin to hatch. I was last year. They were born in the pouring rain. I don’t guess it mattered to them, but I had to watch from inside.

I got some mending done and Zip helped me finish my blue sweatshirt. Of course, he had his own opinion about what should be done.

Jealous Dog

February 2, 2008

This morning, as we were walking down the road, our neighbor, Linda, joined us with her dog, Sir. Gus was so upset that you could almost hear him muttering under his breath. He and Sir play together across our yards. He likes Sir, but this was his walk and he didn’t like any intruders. He walked along with his head down and his ears back until we crossed the road to the horse farm. Linda and Sir went on down the road because Sir does not like horses.

Gus leads such a rough life.

I put Zip’s medicine in his canned food last night and this morning. He is such a glutton that he didn’t even notice it. I didn’t think he would. I had tasted it and it has a mild bitter taste.

I didn’t do much of anything constructive today. Linda came over to rant about Mike, her imbecile asshole neighbor. It seems their flower-box is about two inches on his property. I told her she was lucky to have two in one. At my other house, I had an imbecile on one side and an asshole on the other. At least she gets to deal with two at the same time.

Tomato Soup

January 16, 2008
I was a little depressed last night so I had tomato soup for supper. I gave Doug the left over stir fry. That was good stir fry, but the tomato soup made me feel better. A fried cheese sandwich would have been nice to dunk in it, but I didn’t want that much. It all started when someone down the street handed out fliers about a neighborhood association. It really was about his peeves about everyone. It went beyond ridiculous. It got to me. After a while I realized that I was being ridiculous and gave myself a good talking to. However, I will be glad when Linda returns to hear her rant.

It is really cold today (mid 30’s). I almost turned back on our morning walk, but the wind stopped and I went on. I did look good though. My new hat and gloves looks great with my purple and black sweater. I should make that sweater again. I should also take a picture of it.

Look at the way the little finger patterned. I could not have done that intentionally if I tried.