The Cats are NOT Happy

It rained quite heavily during the night and the ground is entirely too wet for little cat feet. They go out. They come in. They go out. They come in. Elvis looked out and decided to sleep on the settee. Maude and Zip decided to play hit and run. Maude hides behind or gets on top of the dog chair/bed. It’s a big old overstuffed chair that would probably be long gone if it weren’t for Gus. He satisfies his need to get on the furniture. I even made him a blanket out of left over fleece. Anyway, Zip lays on the floor and calls Maude. She ignores until he forgets she is there. Then she springs out on her hind legs with her front legs held out . She gives Zip a few good whacks and takes off for the other end of the house. By the time Zip realizes what has happened, she is long gone. Fifteen minutes later, they are doing it again.

Sorry, but I just couldn’t get a good picture. She was too fast for me.


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  1. Christine Says:

    I wonder if you are going to get a storm. It always seemed that the cats would get crazy and then it would storm.

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