Good Friends, Happy Thoughts

Here are two pictures of some real friends. I believe that I could tell them anything.

And there are others, but I never remember to take my camera with me.

Here are some of my Christmas presents.

Kevin, my grandson, gave me this.

These are from the two prior years.

Don’t tell me you’re not smiling.

We’ve got to have some knitting. These are from Doug.

She is so cool. I’ve been to a few of her classes.

I finished the front of the table runner. I have to make a label and go downstairs to get the batting. Never buy ten yards at once. There is no place to put it.

And we have to have a cat picture.

Happy thoughts to you.

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One Response to “Good Friends, Happy Thoughts”

  1. Christine Says:

    Knitting classes? I have never had a class. I have never heard of a class around here. I taught a beginner class to a bunch of women a long time ago.I used to have a friend who could knit so I would bug her. Most of what I learned came from a book I picked up years ago. Last night I got so frustrated with the wonky sweater, I unknitted the whole thing! I picked a different pattern and started over. I love the piano playing snowman…yes it made me smile.:) The table runner looks great. I am a terrible at sewing. For some reason I seem to have very little patience with it. I am afraid I would go bald if I persisted with it! Temper tantrums usually accompany sewing.

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